Join October's Marketing Campaign! | $5,000 Prize Pool

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The Hive marketing campaign in September yielded amazing results! We successfully onboarded 603 active users into Hive, which was 153 more than our set goals for the month.

But this is just getting started, we need more Hivers who want to help us grow the Hive ecosystem, onboard the masses, and get rewarded in the process!

The Prize Pool for October's Zealy Campaign is $5,000 HBD!

Join our Zealy Community and get involved


But what is this Hive Zealy Community?

Easy. Hivers complete missions that involve helping us do marketing and outreach to bring more users into our ecosystem, and they climb the leaderboard in the process.

At the end of the campaign, we distribute the prize pool among those at the top of the Leaderboard!

October Campaign

💣 Starts: October 9 at 00:01 UTC

🏁 Ends: November 1 at 23:59 UTC

🏆 Prize Distribution: The top 30% of the active leaderboard will receive a share of the rewards.

*We will define what is the active leaderboard by October 20.

Winners of the September Campaign!


We had 97 active Hivers in the Leaderboard! This means that the top 10 will share $750 HBD and the top 11-30 will share $750.

The top 10 who will receive $75 each are:

@roadstories, @literal, @uyobong, @kenechukwu97, @aaalviarez, @newnow497, @sammyhive, @cpol, @lipe100dedos, @justfavour

The top 11-30 who will receive $37 are:

@merit.ahama, @michupa, @princessbusayo, @alicia2022, @lifeof.abdul, @yecier, @olujay, @rabihfarhat, @be-alysha, @herculeanprince, @cyclopshive, @quduus1, @abdul-qudus, @yahuzah, @morenow, @ivanrg, @jhymi, @protokkol, @abu78, @jordy0827, @vickoly*

Vickoly finished in the 31st spot tied with @jordy0827.

Those who finished with more than 2000 Experience points get a 1000 LeoPower delegation for a month:

@roadstories, @literal, @uyobong, @kenechukwu97, @aaalviarez, @newnow497, @sammyhive, @cpol, @lipe100dedos, @justfavour, @merit.ahama, @michupa, @princessbusayo, @alicia2022, @lifeof.abdul, @yecier, @olujay, @rabihfarhat, @be-alysha, @herculeanprince, @cyclopshive, @quduus1, @abdul-qudus, @yahuzah, @morenow, @ivanrg, @jhymi, @protokkol, @abu78, @jordy0827, @vickoly, @nkemakonam89, @crptogeek, @henrietta27, @universoperdido, @nhaji01, @cescajove, @brando28, @glorydee, @twicejoy, @peniel2010, @etorobong, @fashtioluwa, @hopestylist, @luchy, @vikvitnik, @iamchuks, @johnuko, @shawnnft, @moremoney28, @ezunjoshy, @nonsowrites, @ezun1, @chacald1, @ifarmgirl-leo, @elderdark, @ovey10, @lizizoo, @Idksamad78699, @splinter100dedos, @ugomarcel, @marajah, @wongi, @lincemarrom, @tsunsica, @balikis95, @aiuna, @fokusnow, @valchiz, @josephdon211, @joseal2020, @samueluche07, @jesusalejos, @bitcoinman, @flquin, @elisaday7, @the01crow, @dfreitesp, @jonsnow1983, @tommyl33, @rubilu, @saydie, @lobaobh, @vagabondww, @go-kyo, @btcyberpunk, @thetimetravelerz, @bitcoinflood, @beauty197, @wealthwess, @fantagira7, @coquicoin, @detlev, @ezuntimmy, @thorkellnft, @iamchimary, @tengolotodo.leo

The top 31 will get a 500 Hive Power delegation for a month:

@roadstories, @literal, @uyobong, @kenechukwu97, @aaalviarez, @newnow497, @sammyhive, @cpol, @lipe100dedos, @justfavour, @merit.ahama, @michupa, @princessbusayo, @alicia2022, @lifeof.abdul, @yecier, @olujay, @rabihfarhat, @be-alysha, @herculeanprince, @cyclopshive, @quduus1, @abdul-qudus, @yahuzah, @morenow, @ivanrg, @jhymi, @protokkol, @abu78, @jordy0827

That's it!

Thank you everyone who participated!

We will see you in two days for the October campaign!


This is definitely a huge undertaking for the Hive community. We hope we will get many new users in the future. Thanks for organizing such a beautiful campaign. It's nice to be able to do something on my own to promote the Hive community.

Big news there. Let's pump it!
Thanks for the reward for the first edition. It was all fun and full of learning.

Congratulations sir @uyobong .... hardwork pays off🍾💥🍻

Big congratulations to @leogrowth for pooling this off, big time onboarding thousands...

We go again in October

Thank you Eminentsam48

Thank you very much!!!

Thank you very much. See you in the next!

I am happy to have started and finished this campaign and to have contributed to the interests of this great community. Congratulations to all mentioned, we will warm up the engines for the new campaign!

Very good campaign, waiting for the next one! 👏🙏👏

I'm up and running. This will be an interesting adventure. Let's Go!!!

Wow. Hardwork and determination really pay off. Time to get ourselves ready for the next run. Thanks everyone

Good job everybody. It's too soon though give more break in-between 😂

Congratulations to the winner.
Thank you very much for the delegation reward.
We warm up for the next edition.

Thank you very much for the prize, my hive account is: ivanrg3 please check it.

Congratulations to all participants. Especially the winners.

I've been tagged with user X... this is my user on Hive @chacald.dcymt 😊👍

Congratulations to the winners and best of luck to everyone on the next round of the campaign!

Congratulations to us for how far we've come, we hope this month will also exceed our expectations.

Let's do it.

congratulations to all our winners for the month of September, let's see how the new month is gonna be ❤️🥳

Congratulations to all the winners.

Wow. Congratulations to everyone 👏
Thank you, Leo for the opportunity.

We see in the next campaign, a heart felt appreciation.

Congrats to all winners and wishing best of luck for the next one.

Congratulations to all the winners. And thanks to the team. I see the next round has already started? I have to hurry!

Wow this is amazing, let's go guys we can do more

Congratulations to the winners. You guys did so well. Thanks for the delegation.

Tears of joy and sorrow at the same time

Congrats to everyone who won something out of this, and good luck to participants in the next one.

So happy to be among the top 30. It was serious campaign that needed effort.

@leogrowth my username is @herculeand not herculeanprince

Thanks so much. I will do more this month

A big congratulations to all the winners, good luck subsequently.

Congratulations to the winners. I will be involving for October campaign

Wooot, congratulations to everyone, let’s see what October has for us Hahahah

A good run if I should say but we also need more participants for the next run.

Well done everyone and thanks for the LP delegation.

Seriously I don't meant being seen as a type of person who isn't grateful.

Here am yet to understand what last Raffle ticket , during Leofinance Zealy Quest . That , that was meant for Hive Fest ticket giveaway. Seen Hive Fest later finished there's no update as per what those Raffle ticket meant to represent .

Seen Hive to me is more bigger than such .

During the campaign I put in my best , and am using Techno Pob3 my phone after that campaign might be due to the greases or slight sweat from my finger tips on the screen due to long hour post write up. Now my phone have been developed fault am managing along. My health state so if am desiring to know more about what such said Raffle ticket meant for and why it didn't served it is not my fault.

Only that I spent long hour to have my post write up and I finished one of the adventure .

Please I will truly appreciate to be guided.

Congrats to the winners. Bring on the next zealy 🔥

Excellent, very good campaign, thanks you for all

LFG and get more people onboard the Hive express!

congratulations to all the winners.
Let's do more this month

Great result and congratulations to all the winners 🎉

As for the new Zealy campaign- is it 30% or 30 top participants? I think for the September campaign I understood it was top 10% and top 30% that were going to share the poll, but it turned out to be 10/30 participants. Which one is it for the next campaign?