LeoFinance adoption campaign - The biggest event Hive has ever seen

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Leo Finance has just released its groundbreaking new UI and to celebrate and promote it, the team is running a campaign that will give out 10k USD and 200k delegation in prizes

Leo Finance new UI

You probably heard about the event that's shaking up Hive this week, but in case you haven't, I'm talking about the launch of Leo Finance's new User Interface.

The long-awaited release is yet another step on Leo Finance's journey to become the "everything app." The new UI brings us a completely revamped experience for using Threads, a new way to interact with the Hive blockchain.

Threads combine one of the most successful web2 formats of short content creation with all the advantages that only web3 platforms (and Hive, particularly) can offer!

If you are a veteran Hive user or are still learning your way around this great community, you must try Leo Finance's new User Interface! Many tribes and communities on Hive are trying it out, so it's a unique opportunity to get to know other people on Hive and make yourself known as well!

A lot of people, myself included, are heavily curating content generated on the Leo Finance's new User Interface so don't miss out!

But that's not all of it! As I mentioned before, to make sure this news reaches as many people as possible, there is a massive adoption campaign going on!

The biggest adoption campaign Hive has ever seen

Even the best product is only as good as its community of users, and that's why the Leo Finance team is hosting the biggest adoption campaign Hive has ever seen!

The best part is you can join the campaign to spread the word about all this exciting news on the Leoverse AND get the chance to win some of the huge prizes that will be awarded to the lucky winners of the campaign.

The final prizes include 10k USD and 200k Hive Power delegations but those who see beyond the obvious will easily spot that this opportunity is much bigger than that.

Let me explain. The adoption campaign consists of a series of tasks the participants must complete to gain experience points and climb their way to the top of the leaderboard. Most of these quests involve interacting with the new Leo Finance UI.

That means Hiveans from all over - and also some people new to Hive - will gather around Leo Finance every single day for the next few weeks. This is a unique opportunity to know others and make yourself known to the Hive community.

Networking is everything in today's connected society and Hive is still a small pond, so if you play your cards right, it's not hard to stand out. At least for now.

I believe I said enough about the opportunity and you are definitely hooked right now and most likely wondering: HOW CAN I JOIN THIS UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY? I CAN'T WASTE ANOTHER MINUTE!

Easy. I got you.

The campaign is taking place on a platform called Zealy and if you never used or even heard of it, don't worry as it is really straightforward.

Once you are on Zealy - we will get to that in a minute - you will find different "quests" you can make to gain experience. Those are tasks that will ask you to perform activities such as creating a thread on Leo Finance using a particular word or around a particular theme, inviting others to join the campaign and so on.

Some quests are daily, others are weekly and some are one-time things so make sure to check Zealy every day so you don't miss anything!

Last but not least, to get started, all you need to do is follow this link to the campaign's Zealy and you are good to go!

I also recommend joining the LeoFinance Discord as a lot of information and support for the quests happens over there but also feel free to drop me a comment - or a thread - and I will do my best to help you on this journey.

Don't miss out on this great opportunity!