My New Content Format When Under Predatory Rates | It Will Be A Ball Or A Gag????

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11/10 would start a war again. So sorry if you wanted deeper content. Is this not what you want????

A loss is a loss, my friends. Why if I bought Steem instead of being a loser content creator I’d just sit around and wait for the shit to hit the moon and splash all over. Shit raining from the sky for days.

Also not worth my time writing something that will over time gain decent ranking on search engines since I get nothing out of that either or will I? Hmmmm???? Cats and time travel. Not worth promoting it outside of Steem or is it??? Not worth maintaining my index??? Oh, I can fix that I have not been doing that one for like 2 or 3 weeks. I can fix it all!!!!




Oh It $)@#)@ !!!!!!

50% Curators

15% benefactor to the platform I use for my gaming content (guess I’ll be cutting @Engrave out it was not working out anyways. Sorry guys I liked your ideas but fuck I’m going be bent over backward. Oh the puns!!!!!)

10%-25%???? Work Proposal System (I mean come on we all know it’s going cut in at some point. Puts on helmet ---IM READY. )


My content pages riddled with ads that I get zero from. FUCK ME TWICE! Unless I’m doing the fucking by running my own ads. Hmmm???? Get that adblocker out folks it's going be raining shit.

DOUBLE FUCK there will always be something else gunning for that author reward of the pie. I’d share some but it appears I’ll be all tapped out.


But I’m just a loser who has powered down a little in the past when prices were high and spent that on experiences for content and upgrading hardware. <------ looser.

I should just sell my votes instead or follow a voting trail and not create content while it just rolls in. Rolls in I tell you like bird shit hitting the window and just sliding down it. Dam that was a runny mess today. I was not angry though the birds have been doing that forever. They are all talk and shit.

This makes me not a team player as I’d rather invest in growing myself first and the content I can create around it. Just think if YouTube shunned content creators for not buying Google stock instead of upgrading the sound quality, computers, buying materials needed around the content they create, software to edit content, editors when they got bigger, and so much more. While we all like to shit on YouTube for how they have handled advertisement restrictions these days but people know the platform. More know Dlive than about Steem because PewDiePie is on Dlive! Don't worry we are taking all the regents and inviting them to make our platform total shit. Yay for more flat earth spam and aliens living in your brain.

Waiting for the moon. Traveling at 10,000,000 mph. Smashed right into it and went ablaze! Shit, you need to land on the moon not burst into flames on it. Funny how they been saying for years if people just power up we going to the moon bitches. Which is very odd because if it was just a money thing it already be done--- odd.

I’m the time-traveling cat looking to blow anything that gives me a tip but only the tip! So sorry not accepting votes you know how it is. Thanks for reading my rambling I've kept inside for months! Months!!!!


Content is written by @Enjar. Cover screenshot is from Game Of Thrones Winter Is Coming . Sign up today and get 500 diamonds in-game using my code.


At least you can earn Brave rewards from people viewing.... oh wait, no stinc gets all that too...

Darn it not even the brave tokens are safe!!! hehe. I'm going go back to some shit posting more often. Try and enjoy myself a little more.

I collected a little bit of Snax not to long ago. Was not thrilled to see it creates a post instead of a comment so I did not authorize it on my account. The twitter rewards where almost zero and they seem to be printing so many.

This was really impassioned and you said it well. I had to give a bigger upvote to your last post because you deserve it.


Thank you for your kindness.

I wrote it in the moment and pressed enter. Quite a number of people are very angry with me right now and it’s understandable.

I’ve seen this coming for quite a while and I could not find the words and still have not on why it’s troublesome. So many changes they want to make all at once seem like grasping at straws. If they tried to do so much in a video games economy at once there would be a high chance of unforeseen consequences and abusers finding new loopholes that it would send it into a death spiral.

I’ve played so many roles to so many different people and most are long gone. Some found the success they were looking for on other platforms in creating an audience. The reward pool is being ask to do the impossible because it is not human and no change in numbers will change that.

Since you are referencing games here, it's completely relevant. Game balance often tweaks multiple parameters at once and see how it plays out. As long as the motivations are clear behind every change (what change to make), and there are considerations for why certain parameters are chosen (the how much of a change to make), I don't see this as chaotic at all. It's part of a natural balancing process.

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As already stated in the comment “high chance of unforeseen consequences” to this wide range of changes all at once. Thank of the current reward system. So many Witness are saying “I hope” and “don’t know” along with other uninspiring words. Dam that sound like something we should go for.

That's an unfair characterization of the situation. The current situation is terrible for Steem, and what had been identified are changes that affect certain behaviors. Like I said, for game balance nobody knows what's going to happen either, but they are thinking on changes that target broken behaviors.

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It's funny how you get bigger votes for older contents when you point and start shouting out loud about the right things and problems - both present and that are coming.

Guess it's just a different kind of gaming post after all.

But anti-social platform finally cares about their authors and social part of the community (in its widest sense).

Stay good,

P.S. There are selfdownvotes? OH MY! :mindblown:

I got use up my flags! I've been quite deserving of them for not posting for a while :)

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Always nice to know being lazy for a week had very little impact on what remains.

Ok wait just a second here. You say that this makes you not want to be a team player and automate or whatever, yet you didn't think that it would be more beneficial for you to do it now when it's easier? Trust me, it's not going to be that simple in the new rules.

You are thinking too short term here. All the things you see as cuts don't factor the shift in equilibrium that will happen as a result of the rule change. Besides, half the things you mentioned happen even if you don't change the rules.

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You are thinking too short term here

I just put out a post that was a couple months in the making.

I’ve until recently maintained a 5 month old index manually in a frequent manner.

I go back and edit older posts to link to relevant content or make small changes to make it more relevant.

I am thinking longer term then most realize.

Besides, half the things you mentioned happen even if you don't change the rules.

Half these things occurring would not have been the issue. I was fine paying a 15% to use a platform that gave me the tools I wanted. I expect the other thing to take some kind of cut to cover what they are doing one day. At some point there is that breaking point and I won’t be shocked when they come in with a knife to cut the pie up some more.

I meant short term when it comes to effects of the changes. I'll admit that it isn't going to solve everything, but I believe it is in the right direction.

Also, funding the SPS. Think about it this way: that's less work utopian needs to do because it is handled in an automated manner here. And you anyway know how delegations get thrown around. That of course is an issue on its own.

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I flag trash. You have received a flag.

Hmm agreed but you forgot to mention that by Steem's own admission on page 26 of their whitepaper in black and white.. what we all forgot to do was read it all the way to that last page... their words.. not mine.. "Steem is an experiment".

Cheers man..

I flag trash. You have received a flag.

What might be the only person to read that far down in the paper has just comment on my post! It is a real honor.

We could also call me declining payout as an experiment. There are far many other ways to monetize content then with the reward pool.

That is the absolute truth. There is more than one way to skin a.. oh never mind! :P

I flag trash. You have received a flag.

It's ok I got two or three lives left.

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Entitlement is this comment you left. Funny as hell. Thanks for that have a great night.

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It’s nice to see some on this platform still have some fire in them!