Crypto is still immature - disabled witness, removed SteemWallet.apps, removed delegations

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Today crypto showed what it is. Some friends pulling the strings.

Two Major exchanges: Huobi and Binance decided to use customer funds to power up and start favour voting in the ongoing matter regarding the Steem chain and the last week announced temporarily freezing of Steemit Inc related accounts. Mind you, the amount they powered up will need 13 weeks of powerdown to become liquid again. Imagine if all Steem wanted to be withdrawn from exchanges, they could not even!

As a result now Steem, which used to be a decentralised chain, is run on most probably just one centralised node, which, mind you, can run 20 witnesses from one single computer, dedicating whatever happens with the chain next, without any healthy discussion or countervoting. Basically a dictatorial state, where any decision can just be made instantly.

At least softfork222 was the result a heavy discussion between about 50 key players, community members and long term steem users and investors. This move with Forck22.5 and centralisation of the Steem Chain is a power grab with some phone calls to befriended exchanges.

And that apparently is the state of Crypto in 2020. Call your friends, owners at exchanges and run the decentralised show. Is that the promise of decentralization?

Because I don't want to offer services for the Steem chain in the current state, i have removed the apps for iOs and Android from the Appstores. Coming days I will work on removing any other dapps I made in the past years. I will see how we morph the SteemWhale for coming year. And SteemFest... let's see, maybe we just do a nice great meetup reunion somewhere someplace.

Additionally, I have undelegated all my delegations to many great projects for the Steem chain. I am sorry.

I have disabled my witness and will work on disabling my nodes.

For future developments I have reactivated my node and witness. I am signalling 22.4444 (death of Steem as we knew it)


I am going to assume that many of the witnesses who have my votes are right now planning a fork of the blockchain. Tron’s coup d’état is unacceptable.

Instead of “Steem On”, we’ll have “SteemClassic On”.

Don't we stay the real Steem in a fork - the one where the community goes?

Maybe in theory, but since exchanges seem to have sided with Sun, that would seem to be unlikely. Look what happened when Ethereum forked.

It is just eyewash. He collaborated and withdraw vote part of that collaboration.

We will commit to withdrawing the votes ASAP once we're sure malicious hackers can’t sabotage #STEEM anymore & will give the voting rights back to the community. All exchanges’ votes will be withdrawn soon. Shoutout to all the exchanges & parties who helped us save STEEM! Justin Sun's tweet



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didnt need coordination. the account has no multisig.

Just more BS to buy time then

Job done, funds transferred, now JS will have control of all forks.

All hardforks of steem. Not all forks.

P.S. I have described steem blockchain designed vulnerability in the linked post.

Whatever version you run, please keep the option open for the community to vote for it

you can vote allright. vote for my witness if you want.

I will. This might not be the end, but rather a crossroads.

What a shit show.
Since the exchanges powered up Steem that they don't own and voted with it, does this not expose them to a boatload of lawsuits.

I've been wondering this, too. There's a lot here that seems illegal and criminal. I'm hoping for charges, not just lawsuits.

Thanks for turning your witness back on. Breathe man. Think about your next move. I can't hear any fat ladies singing yet. Game ON, Not over!

Welcome back to the top 20.

I don’t think it’s an issue anymore but if I had not had steemwallet I wouldn’t have been able to get into steempeak last night while all the now tron controlled nodes were down. I’ve gain a lot of respect for how well designed it is. Thank you.

You’ve got my vote @roelandp. As much of a sh*t show this has been, I am really impressed how we Steemians rallied together to do something I thought impossible. Thanks for all your hard work and efforts on this blockchain. !BEER !trdovoter !giphy witness

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