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This morning I woke up sore. This is usual. I remind myself daily that my body is healing because I know the power and importance of self. When I feel pain in my body as I have daily for many years, I recognize it as my body telling me that there's things that I can do to help it heal. I can do better in certain areas. I can stretch, drink water, take supplements and eat healthier. Do I always follow through? Hell no!

It's a work in progress though and I'm putting active work into the habit building phase of my life again, because I know it will ultimately build me up and help me to grow through my current capacities, both mentally and physically.

This morning, I woke up and stretched for about 30 minutes. I know it may not seem like much to many, but it was a good reminder that I want more for my body, mind and spirit. If something as simple as bending my body can promote this feeling and these thoughts, then what can making other small changes do?

I am feeling confident and ready to grow through my current capacities and increase them in every area though the building of habits that will facilitate the person that I want to be.

I believe in a life of design through the intention and invention. I am the architect of my dreams and my life.

By stretching myself, I will grow forward in the directions I wish to and my life will improve greatly as a result in ways I may not even be able to comprehend yet. And that- that is a beautiful thing. That is one of the finest and truest gifts that I have been granted in life. Knowing that I can grow so much in one lifetime that I can't truly perceive the perspective as my future self... that's a beautiful mystery and a very worthy journey which will surely be filled with many obstacles and adventures.

If you're reading this today, this is your reminder to stretch through the pain. Pain, both mental and physical are just reminders that we are alive and in the process of healing. Remember to tell yourself that from time to time. The words we speak to ourselves are more powerful than many give them credit for. Just one more reason that "the pen is mightier than the sword."

Much love and stay limber.

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If you're reading this today, this is your reminder to stretch through the pain. Pain, both mental and physical are just reminders that we are alive and in the process of healing.

You make a valid point, my friend. Hopefully, we can find other's to surround ourselves with, that help us through the pain while learning from the lessons. You should also consider joining #innerblocks Community. I believe you would fit right in... From the InnerBlocks Mission Statement:

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Thanks @wesphilbin for taking the time to witness my thoughts and share your own. I'll definitely check it out. I am fully committed to surrounding myself with people who I can share with, learn from and teach through the communities that are built through our interactions. My discord username is @selfrefractions if you want to find me on there or join my server which is just in its' beginning phases.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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