100s of 1,000s Of Indigenous People: They Want To Destroy Us

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The global run-up for profit seeking is working in a full loop. Back in the old days, only a few could see what was ethically wrong with owning other humans. Since then the law has only tackled "superficial measures". The problem has been lingering for decades is now back into full force as Nature is endlessly assaulted all over the globe.

The situation is being aggravated by the mentality in industrialized countries, the entitlement to have an easy life, such as electric cars full of fancy electronics. But Musk and Co completely omit to tell us that our lifestyle comes at the expense of many African lives. Another green deal not so green, indeed!

It is estimated that by 2030, 125 million electric vehicles will roll on the roads, 40 times more than today. UK is among a number of countries that want to phase out petroleum and diesel over the next 20 years.... The miners have nothing better than spades, shovels, and plastic helmets with flashlights attached to them. They dig their way into the underground, always in search of the legendary blue veins with cobalt. The lucky ones fill bags with the metallic gray mud.... https://www.eike-klima-energie.eu/2019/03/26/gruene-moerder-bergarbeiter-in-kongo-sterben-um-den-hunger-der-welt-nach-elektrofahrzeugen-zu-stillen/

In a Resource Based Economy, public transportation would be a huge incentive as it would be very efficient, so that people can also carpool without any stress. Buying a car to commute and run errands is really bankrupt thinking when one understands all the market forces at play.

We really need to take a second look at what we define as "success", because these days the latter too often hides humanitarian crimes done in the name of progress. And the media tell us to praise these millionaire and billionaire achievers, making the crowds even feel envious for not being as lucky as them.

Because yes, it is all about connections and if you co not have the right contacts, it merely means that you are either an ignorant of a idiot! But anyone believing this is not seeing the bigger picture: how could decision makers and their hightech enablers (yes these engineers) sound smart by dooming the planet every day a little bit more?

And one last thing and this to prove the aberration we live in: we could say indigenous people don't have any education by Western standards, but how does it come that they see what is happening to their lands and loved ones while in the West, talking of ecocides in the workplace, with friends and relatives is such a taboo? Why is that that only activists on TV and the internet are allowed to talk about politics and environmental causes?

Truth to be told, a rude awakening could shatter society at any moment. And it will be a good thing as it will give us a chance to stop the madness. All it takes is the courage to stand up for the indigenous people, because if we do not nobody will stand up for you and me... that's the strict bottom line.

Time to regard RBE as the only option -- because we do not have any other left!

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