June ProgBlog #1: the folly of everythinging

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Currently as I type, I'm pecking at Yet More Freaking Feathers, hive, lesson planning and somewhat trying to finish my Mekton character for a game which I'm not sure when it's going to start as I haven't heard much of anything other than some issues with mech building since it was proposed, but I did say at the time that they could start without me (and I would jump in if/when appropriate if they started without me) as at the time I wasn't sure if I would be able to play or not.

18yo was also thinking about running a CoD game but aside from looking to see who's interested is also waiting to see what's happening with this Mekton game.

It's also laundry day so I have to do that too (at least there's no leotards to wash today, they need to be handwashed and it's cold).

And in between all of that I'm also looking at the bits of the scripts that I still have to translate (into Sona because I don't know any of the other languages that are being spoken in there well enough to translate any of them).

None of them are getting done in any hurry.

But I'm pretending that it's okay because they're all at least getting done incrementally and that's better than not at all.

I should probably actually follow my schedule as I made it precisely to try and have decent blocks of time to work on things in properly.

I'm on the home stretch with the wings now, working my way down the top. This bit looks particularly like scales to me for some reason.

It's only slightly less like scales in the viewport render, which I turned down from 1024 samples (the same as the normal renders) to 256 (doesn't look as good but is faster and slightly less crashy, I still need new hardware).

This is a bit more satisfying to work on as while it's still very repetitive it's a lot easier to see the progress.

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Thanks for looking! ^_^

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Allot of effort all those individual feathers; while a slow churn I can see why it would be satisfying to see it grow one at a time

The top and shoulder bit is because I could actually see stuff happening. It was a lot more tedious on the front and back of the wings where it was very long rows and it was hard to see what was going on without zooming out constantly XD

Curious method of doing feathers! How are you working them? Are they placed manually? Are you doing it procedurally? Doing it through hair curves? Instances? Geometry Nodes?

What do you mean curious XD

I'm placing them manually like a numpty because I needed to be able to texture them individually (well I needed to texture them in groups, just didn't want the groups to look the same as anything except the other wing and that's only because I'm lazy, if I was doing it properly I'd be texturing the wings individually too but the other wing is going to be linked dups) and I'm too stupid to figure out geonodes and instancing didn't do what I wanted.

The home stretch on the scaly woke. Not bad, soon you will finally be done with them!!!

Scaly woke? o_O

I am so looking forward to being done with them XD

and the female versiona dn then the Dragonkin base models so I can finally focus on actual characters aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

Lol. My autocorrect going for it there, scaly woke indeed!!

One day you will be done!!

LoL! What was it even trying to correct to/from XD

One day! Aaaaahhhhh XD

That's something that often mystifies me. I try to trace it back via the context and then give up!

It's looking good!

Thanks :D

hopefully the end result is good aaaaaaahhhhhhh XD