@agoric.systems Post SteemFest² Update: Where in the World is the Agoric Challenge?

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Greetings fellow Steemians!

@Lovejoy here, recently back from Portugal, and reporting from Minneapolis on behalf of the @agoric.systems crew.

Agoric Scrip Design by @emanuellindqvist - Photo Credit: @kommienezuspadt

Enter the Mystery

SteemFest² was incredible and inspiring all around, though not without some notable challenges. We had intended to distribute 'Agoric Scrip' to those in attendance at SteemFest² thus beginning phase one of the Agoric Challenge, however, strange fortune had other things in store for us.

Due to mysterious forces beyond my control, all of the 'Agoric Scrip' we had printed has been missing due to a luggage snafu at the airport since I Departed the US on October 30th, along with most of my cold weather clothes, and other necessary items. That luggage is still unaccounted for.

We were beyond excited to unveil this project at SteemFest², and have devoted countless hours to getting the Agoric Challenge up and running for the benefit of the entire Steem community. So, you can imagine how frustrating and disappointing it was for me, and therefore the Agoric crew, to arrive empty-handed at SteemFest².

Adapting to the Situation

My travel companion @wolfcat and I spent the first few days of SteemFest² in the most incredibly labyrinthine mess of phone calls to multiple airlines, each denying any knowledge of the whereabouts of my checked luggage. After dozens of hours attempting to locate the mysteriously vanished luggage, we were fairly disheartened and exhausted and so we decided that for the sake of our sanity we had to temporarily let go of trying to track down the bag and focus on being present at SteemFest² while adapting to the new situation we found ourselves in.

We considered printing another round of Agoric Scrip in Lisbon, but the process is rather involved and we weren't able to secure the printing resources fast enough to make a new run in the limited time we had. So instead of ad hoc solutions, we focused our efforts on meeting with the wonderful people assembled at SteemFest² and enjoying the brief time we had together while also communication our vision for the Agoric Challenge as best we could.

In the end, we were able to make some great connections with many of those in attendance, and we gathered a good deal of contact information so that we might coordinate with those who are interested in collaborating with us on the Agoric Challenge.

In the last few days, @wolfcat and I retraced our steps back to the United States and checked with both airlines involved at each airport we passed through, including physically inspecting 4 separate lost luggage rooms in 2 different airports, but unfortunately the mystery remains unsolved.

The Show Must Go On!

While endeavoring to set in motion a global STEEM treasure hunt and ending up creating one for ourselves, you can be sure the irony has not been not lost on us! :P

We are still as determined as ever to see our vision through! So we will be printing another run of Agoric Scrip in the coming days, and beginning to distribute them to those who have expressed interest in the project.

At SteemFest² we were able to gather some great feedback on the project and have come to understand a bit more the differing use cases and funding mechanisms available for Agoric Scrip.

It seems many people are very excited to have a method of physical invite with which to onboard new users.

Thanks to everyone for your tremendously helpful feedback. Thanks to your support and encouragement the Agoric Challenge Reboot will be better than ever!

We will make another update soon to articulate what we see as the new path forward for the Agoric Challenge!

So please stay tuned, and thanks so much for all your support!

-The @agoric.systems team



Damn! I'd hate getting my luggage lost, it sucks. Hopefully you can get it back sooner or later.

Who knows what will become of it... I'll keep trying, but the odds of recovery seem more and more remote with each passing day. I've never lost a piece of luggage like this before. It's hard to imagine such a thing is possible in this day and age. I'm mostly over it now though. Thanks for your well-wishes! :)

I'm sorry :( Matt's luggage was once lost but then a week or 2 later they found it, it's one of my biggest fears to lose mine when I travel, my heart races while waiting on it every time haha.

Do you think you can get the airline to reimburse you for the lost luggage in any way?

Yeah, it's never happened to be before, so I was blissfully ignorant of such possibilities.
I'm going to wait and see, it may yet appear. As to reimbursement, it's complicated, but chances are slender.

Hopefully, you get either your luggage or some sort of repay from them!

It's a real shame your plans didn't work out, but I trust you still had a good time. It was an amazing event and I think everyone came away inspired.

Yeah, it was a struggle to contend with... but adversity has a way of generating more robust responses from those who persevere... and we shall! :) It was great to meet you. Thanks for your support!

Arrrrggghhh! A true lost treasure! Glad the luggage belt didnt hide your spirits as well matey!!

Yaaar! Thanks to you @wolfcat, incomparable optimist, my spirits were buoyed... else I may not have fared quite so well. So grateful for your presence, and help. :)

"While endeavoring to set in motion a global STEEM treasure hunt and ending up creating one for ourselves, you can be sure the irony has not been not lost on us! :P"

Haha the best outlook you can have!

Things happen, it's OK. We're all excited about the treasure hunt whenever it comes out.

Best of luck!

Glad you appreciated that line. ;) You can lose your treasure hunt in your luggage, but it's hard to lose your sense of irony.

Yeah, I come from the "You can either laugh or cry" school of unforeseen circumstances and generally I go for laughter.

We'll keep y'all posted, I'll be headed back to the printers for another round again soon.

so sorry to hear about the scrip! i've spent a lot of time in airports lately so I FEELS U

Best of luck. Hope for the best

@agoric.systems thanks for sharing

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