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Author: @b0t5-testing

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First AI post: 01:11:27_28-Feb-2020

Supporter: @marcocasario
Team: RED
Team Lead: @bot-testing

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  1. The goal of this project is to mitigate the issue of "one photo publishers" spamming popular tags (eg. #photography).
  2. This post is published only after human proof of work is completed (1000 captchas). No bots.
  3. The rewards sent to us by the AI company are staked back into HIVE (part or all of them depending on maintenance costs).
  4. 10% of this post reward is burned or sent to the HIVE developers funds in order to support HIVE.

The author reward of this post is automatically distributed among stakeholders via @likwid.
Are you a whale? Join us as upvoter for a 65% return. Contact us on Di$cord


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