Hive Secondary Airdrop: Proposal for 17 Mistakenly Excluded Users

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By voting for this proposal, you are voting to airdrop Hive funds (mirrored to Steem balance snapshot) for:


revision: after another round of careful review, one user (@jianan) in the previous version of this proposal is not appropriate to be included in the same proposal together with the other users. To be truly responsible to the kind supporters of the proposal, we have removed the user from this proposal. We are really sorry for the inconvenience brought by this change.

A bit more background

As we know, a group of people were excluded from the Hive airdrop because they're "voters who were proxied to accounts which voted for 2 or more sock puppet witnesses on Steem in the time leading up to the Hive hardfork" (detailed here).

Here we propose to fix the mistake of excluding some respectable leaders, contributors and authors in our community, who were proxied their vote to @justyy, but actually not aware of and involved in the community politics.

The people in the list are leaders, contributors and authors who have all made their efforts to grow the Hive community, which should not be ignored and underestimated

Here are introduction to some of them:

  • @jademont - committee member of BitShares, one of the earlist Steemit users since 2016, co-founder of WaterDrop Capital and an investor who pushes the development of Graphene technology worldwide.

  • @angelina6688 - A bridge engineer with full passion of drawing/painting and sharing life. An active participant and winner of community drawing contests.

  • @yellowbird - An engineer loves cryptco investment, writing and sharing, who shared a lot of investment strategy with the community in the past 3 years (and showed people how he lost money...... so others can learn from his failure :P ) . Also shared Hive to outside world with his own blogs.

  • @devyleona - works for a bank. An excellent author sharing about food, restaurant, traveling and drawing every day. She loves the awesome community here, and has shared so many amazing experience in her life.

  • @cnfund - An amateur novelist who has invested into Hive from its earliest days since 2016, and has introduced a large number of users into the community in the past 4 years.

  • @mrspointm & @mrpointp - this lovely couple joined Hive together in the Summer of 2017. They acitvely engaged with the community and were enthusiastic in sharing their life. Both of them enjoy the friendship here, and love the diversity of the Hive community. @mrspointm posts about traveling, food, restaurant and is an actie participant of community activities. @mrpointp writes novels, and shares about fitness, food and daily life. "I have witnessed and the high and low of this platform, but still keep sharing the cool things in my life all the time. Now posting in Hive has become a habit of my life." says @mrpointp.

  • @windowglass - a great singer. an active organizer and participant of cn-voice activities. loves recording her moods and daily life via singing songs in cn-voice

  • @wongshiying - a glasses sales and certified financial planner. Joined Hive in 2016 as an early investor. A super fan of SplinterLand, and loves sharing about his life and families.

  • @xiaoshancun - an office worker, kept at least one post per day in the past 1,000 days, with poem, essays, photography, etc. Knowing the Hive community is one of the happiest thing in his life. He will continue planting in this land of joy.

  • @shenchensucc - A father of two boys, an engineer at Canada, joined Steemit from May 2017. He shared a lot about the growth of his kids and nice photography from his traveling within The Rocky Mountains. He also helped a large number of new users to engaging the community.

  • @huangzuomin - likes sharing topics about nature, technology, education, etc. He also loves reading and watching movie, and keeps posting high-quality works on the platform.

  • @softmetal - a reference scientist and curator of steemstem (now STEMsocial). co-founder of Team CN, which has helped thousands of newbies learn about the platform and engage with the community in past two years.

  • @aellly - has a nick name of watermelon due to his large belly. An electronic engineer and a father of three kids. Joined the community from early 2018 and has been actively sharing his drawings with the community. He really enjoys this network, and is happy meeting the diverse and awesome communiy members here. He loves playing SteemMonsters/SplinterLand and won several awards.

  • @cheva - a regular contributor of steemstem (now STEMsocial). He believes in the combination of blockchain and science will empower and enlighten ordinary people to bring humankind a better future. A fan of computer technology and computer graphics. A father of a lovely daughter, often posts about his happy family.

  • @stepbie - an accountant living in California. Joined Hive together with his lovely wife @tydebbie . This couple have made a lot of great friends here. He has enjoyed playing games e.g. SteemMonsters/SpliterLand and sharing ideas to the entire world.

  • @cn-malaysia - a team that had consistently helped hundreds of newbies from Malaysia to join the community smoothly.

What they have done constantly is to build a better community together and help each other to grow faster. Excluding these group of excellent people from Hive are implicitly saying NO to more awesome people like them to join and engage with our open and fantastic community.

All the above 17 people were actually not aware of and involed in the community politics, though they proxied to @justyy

The people proxied to @justyy for the sake of his contribution to the community with his set of tools in , and the tools indeed helped a large number of users in the community. Due to the obstacles of languages and techniques, these users also knew very little about what’s going on with the witnesses and the community politics in the past few months.

By having a closer look at the accounts, you could also find their records of proxies to @justyy via their account operation history.

Here are the details: (the time is in UTC timezone)

  • All the 13 accounts in the next table have proxied their witness vote to @justyy for a long time before Feb 2020 (when the community conflicts start). Hence there's no reason to believe that they enabled the proxy to @justyy to involve in any politics issues that happens months or years later.
accountwhen proxied to justyy
angelina66882019-12-25 06:56:18
cheva2019-06-12 03:23:39
cnfund2019-12-09 15:02:36
cn-malaysia2019-10-28 03:03:36
devyleona2018-12-25 11:12:39
mrpointp2020-01-02 01:32:39
mrspointm2020-01-02 01:31:00
softmetal2019-06-24 01:35:51
stepbie2019-06-18 05:59:03
windowglass2019-10-16 01:52:24
wongshiying2019-09-17 00:08:03
xiaoshancun2019-05-09 13:36:12
yellowbird2019-06-15 03:34:36
  • The below 4 accounts have made their proxies in early March. However, they were doing that as users of @justyy’s tool, without the awareness that they could be involved in any conflicts in the community. This was only a coincidence in the timing with community conflicts.
accountwhen proxied to justyy
aellly2020-03-05 19:28:06
huangzuomin2020-03-08 13:27:06
jademont2020-03-04 13:15:33
shenchensucc2020-03-05 14:04:18

We noticed that @justyy was excluded from the airdrop because he voted three 22.5 witnesses in the time leading up to the Hive hardfork (Mar 20th, 14:00:00 UTC time), as shown in the table below. But @justyy did the vote on Mar 17th, which the 4 above accounts were not able to know on Mar 5th or 8th.

voterwitnessUTC time
justyyaheadofslow2020-03-17 17:56:48
justyyhunger3652020-03-17 17:56:39
justyynight11pm2020-03-17 17:56:24

A fair treatment to these mistakenly excluded people is so important and will definitely help us to build a more engaged, diverse and innovative community together.

Please choose one of these interfaces if you would like to vote for this proposal to support these 17 individuals:

This proposal has a length of 15 days, which should be sufficient for the community to express their opinions.

P.S. The rewards of this post will be declined.


Thank you for voicing out for these accounts especially @cn-malaysia.

Thank you? This vindictive action by the circle jerks of the V.22.2 Cabal should be called out for the shameful (and one could add possible racist) action it was/is. Shame!

O哥啥時英文變這麼溜了... 😄

英文一直好 真人不露相

I vote for all proposals to give people an initial Hive airdrop (except Steemit accounts), so this proposal has my support.

They were not mistakenly excluded. They were excluded by design.

They indirectly supported decentralization. This can be said about 90% of people who voted for proxies.

Let's clear things up, proxying your vote is not a mistake. They trusted someone and they didn't care to check. Why should we care to airdrop them?

Nonetheless, they didn't try to steal community funds. They only helped Justin Sun do that for whatever dumb reason.

Thank you for this! I support this proposal.

PS: BURN = @NULL as beneficiary this one is a DECLINE.

Thank you for your support.
PS, thank you for pointing out the difference between BURN and DECLINE, which has been revised in the article.

This is a good proposal, thanks.

Sounds reasonable. Thanks for putting this together. Supported :)

Very well written proposal. I know I said I wouldn't vote for group proposals while funds are frozen on the other chain, but there are always exceptions.

  • Some of the accounts whose funds were frozen on the other chain have decided to vote in support. I am in solidarity with them over frozen funds.
  • I have directly interacted with most of the people on this list and think that they were genuinely caught out in the fast changes that occurred.
  • Furthermore, the people on this list have a solid track record and will be great to have repaired relations between them and the HIVE blockchain.

I've put my money where my mouth is, so to speak, by giving a humble delegation to two of the people from this list. I welcome their future contributions to the HIVE community.

"All the 14 accounts in the next table have proxied their witness vote to @justyy for a long time before Feb 2020 (when the community conflicts start)"

good reason i support this proposal too

This seems well explained and sensible. I've voted for this.

It's considerate proposal I support this as well

I trust your insight into the Chinese community. It's a shame that some community representatives supported the attack on Steem, because things like this happened. We should do what we can to repair the bridges to the people that support what Hive stands for.

Support. Clear and precise explanation!

On behalf of these people, I appreciate you putting this together and interceding for them @oflyhigh. While I don't either them or you really, I have read through the comments. The support of @gtg and @eturnerx as sufficient for me, in combination with my general view of what happened leading to this outcome.

The +31 MVests under my control are now voted in support of your DHF Proposal #111.

Don’t think they’ll even notice since most have been active on hive but definitely support this

This is the kind of proposal I expected. Case by case basis. Supported!

@Photofeed & @Worldcapture support this proposal. I'm glad to see you guys around! :))

Thank you for this proposal. It further reinforces the fact that Hive is indeed the heart of what was formerly called the "Steem community".

I'm glad I jumped into this lifeboat. :)

Voted and Reblogged

Great work.
I'm glad to see injustice being rectified.

Thanks for putting in the work to identify these people who unjustly missed out on the Hive airdrop.

Great post explaining everythnig in detail, voted.

Sounds reasonable-- supported.

Thank you for taking the time of putting this together.

Apoyada, gracias por informar..!

Firma Fermionico 3.png

We are supportive of this proposal. Voted

thank you @oflyhigh

We support this proposal as well. @oflyhigh Thanks for your effort to rectify this unfair penalization!


Voted, thanks for the clear proposal

@oflyhigh I am also in the same boat as all the above 18 fellow Hive users. I joined the community in July 2017. I was active in the community by regular posting, participating in contests and also organised some contests. But was not active from last one year and only posting through steempress. I was completely unaware of politics going on there and proxied my witness vote to @justyy.

I'm sorry to hear about that.
Maybe you should also consider making a proposal to explain your case.
Or start a proposal with partners in the same situation.

BTW: You proxied you witness vote to @mehta instead of @justyy.

As far i knew @chetanpadliya is telling true. He is innocent and not active too much on chain those days. He don't know that what he is doing. He proxyed me but don't even know at all and forget about it. He should be considered about airdrop. He have just few steem at that time.

But this whole drama is going because of @themarkymark and today see what happens. Spreading the negative things by him at Steem and Hive, take them in too deep. I always telling him spread only positive things not negative but he never heared and take all together in big trouble. Lets see where we reach now. Think over it, what we are achieving and what we want to achieve.

Good to see such a proposal to mend things a bit.

I know of another guy @chetanpadliya who was not quite active in those days and proxied someone in good faith unaware of community politics.

@chetanpadliya, would you stand up and introduce yourself here ...and tell your story of mistakenly proxing your votes? May be, your account needs a similar proposal.

Support! Especially @cn-malaysia which is always supporting the community.
.it’s a shame to mix things up....

The proposal I support

Thank you - very clear argument and the addition of 'time of proxy' clearly supports the story. I will vote for this proposal.

This proposal is precise and packed with sufficient relevant proofs for exoneration.
Already voted!

I am happy to vote for this proposal, this is exactly how we need to move forward x

我搞不清状况 但我vote就是了

The airdrop appeal proposal #101 has passed the threshold set by return proposal.
Thanks for everyone's kind support.

Reveal spoiler


did this pass?

I agree with and support the proposal, @oflyhigh.