Hive Secondary Airdrop: Proposal for @sasaadrian

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Who am I?

I am @sasaadrian and I have been on Steem/Hive since July 2018. I vlog about DIY, lifestyle content and also crytopcurrency news from my account based in Hong Kong.

What is my ask?

Vote for my proposal to airdrop Hive funds (mirrored to Steem balance snapshot) for myself @sasaadrian

What happened?

Due to the language barrier I rarely get involved in Steem matters, and I don't really keep myself up to speed with everything that's happening on the chain. I can't even remember if I voted for any witness in the past. Even if I had, it was probably to support the Chinese community.

When I heard about the Sun hostile takeover, I relied on those who were more active on Steem and knew what they were doing to do what was best to protect Steem. That was until 3rd March. Friends messaged me and said the Steem community was rallying for support to vote back in the ex Steem witnesses. Following their request and guidance, I started to cast my witness votes. Since English is not my first language and with all the chaos (software version numbers, witness positions constantly moving) I got a bit confused. I voted and unvoted till I believe I had got everything correct. I even posted a screen cap of my voting results to a call for action post.


When I found out I was excluded from the Hive airdrop, I was surprised and had no idea why. I thought it might be my association with the Chinese community as I had delegated SP to @justyy, so I just let it be. A few days ago, I found out during that chaotic moment, I had accidentally voted for three sock puppet witnesses. I had no idea I did that and certainly no intention to do that.

Why am I asking for your support?

Voting for the three sock puppet witness was a genuine mistake from my part. Although I seldom get involved in community matters, I would never support a hostile takeover. With hindsight, I should have been more careful to check everything again, but I didn't. That is my biggest mistake.

I have always been an advocate of the blockchain since I joined Steem, and have made over 40 videos about cyrptocurrency, including quite a few promoting Steem. Quite a few of my YouTube followers (I have over 11.3k) have asked me about Steem. I have personally onboarded a handful and I know others have joined after watching my videos.

I am submitting this proposal myself as I have faith in the future of Hive, and hope the community will understand the difficulties faced by many small accounts like myself who's English is not their first language.

You can find my proposal here and hope that you can support it and make Hive a more inclusive community. Thank you advance.



Hive.Blog /

PS The rewards of this post will be sent to @null

PSS My friend helped me to write this proposal in English


And why the hell are you still voting for @justyy on hive??? That top20 STEEM witness participated in the theft of my STEEM tokens. I'm removing my support for this proposal.

Sorry, I just forgot to remove the vote on Hive, Steem has cancelled the previous vote, I will cancel the vote on Hive when I go home.

Hi @drakos, I'm so sorry that you (and the other 63 accounts) were caught up in the theft, because you stood up for your beliefs and the community.

I have personally met @sasaadrian a few times and know that being a non English speaker, he is somewhat oblivious of chain matters and politics hence got himself in this mess. From my conversation with him, I know he is not supportive of Tron/Sun and the hostile takeover, and certainly not HF23. He has worked hard on the chain, keeping himself to himself, not stepping in anyones toes, and would never knowingly support the hostile actions.

I know my words aren't worth much, but I feel I should speak up for a friend to prevent further misunderstanding. Thanks

@drakos, @pfunk

Come on man. Just look at the guy's posts. He puts out real content and only has like 5k Steem. He's a legit content creator, one of those people we're rapidly running out of because we're so god damned cliquey and pretentious at times. I see HIVE as the new Steem. It's a continuation of a failed product that can't figure out what to do when dPoS and decentralization collide.

We gotta fix the problem soon, or these chains will keep splitting, and we'll keep hemorrhaging active users. And also, it just blows my fucking mind that we're judging the merit of who people vote for, the only systems of governance that do this type of thing and hand out consequences to those who vote "incorrectly" are communist countries.

Justin and his socks were one thing, and seeing as how we don't have a fix for the dPoS decentralization problem yet, it was reasonable not to airdrop him. But the other 300 folks who were excluded, that was tantamount to bloodletting, and this humiliating process of making people cow to get their stake mirrored. Ahh, I think I just puked in my mouth a little. We can keep going down this path, but the active userbase will just get smaller and smaller until eventually, it's not even worth the bother.

I think there's a good chance some of those stakeholders who voted equally for both parties, were doing so as an attempt to get both sides to negotiate like adults and stop doing stupid things. Like freezing assets, or trying to fork to a new chain. All votes, no matter how they are cast, are a legit part of the consensus. It's not perfect, or even remotely democratic because it's dPoS. Nobody wanted to see what happened, happen, I mean it dilutes everything, unnecessarily at that. One side loses users, while another side loses some value.

This spy v. spy, blockchain war crap, has got to end. Both sides are just destroying each other and turning the damn thing into a shit show (aka an unappealing investment). Let's wage some peace, and do some good things where we can. This guy is a content creator. We need content creators if we want an appealing community that people are willing to invest in.

I think there's a good chance some of those stakeholders who voted equally for both parties, were doing so as an attempt to get both sides to negotiate like adults and stop doing stupid things.

Anyone doing so was intentionally excluded and will stay that way. They were voting for and enabling an attack. Ignorance is not an excuse. Thanks to these ignorant people, I personally lost 31,249 of my own STEEM on Wednesday, and I that's a small sum compared to a few others who lost millions.

I'm sorry to hear you lost Steem. I can't help but wonder if that's what Sun felt like when he got soft forked out of his investment. It might be what caused him to go nuts and co-opt the exchanges just so that he could rescue the untold millions he invested. There was a triggering event that initiated this entire cascading event (or blockchain war). I know the witnesses had good intentions when they froze his assets. After all, he was telegraphing an uncertain future for the blockchain. The big question is, do good intentions justify the event that triggered the war? At some point, don't we need to hardcode property rights into the chain?

If both sides keep escalating, won't things just get worse? Sun has fuck-you-money, for a lifetime, and right now he's just mirroring every single thing that community witnesses have done to him and others. I don't see this ending until one side stops escalating it. He's doing the same thing that HIVE folk are doing. Both sides need to calm down, communicate, and deescalate, or even deescalate without communication. But if you want a black eye, black his eye, wanna get kicked in the junk, kick him in the junk. Wanna get sued, sue him.

This is so stupid, the reputation of both chains are getting destroyed in the media right now. On a technical level, HIVE is no different than Steem. They both have a dPoS decentralization problem that is seemingly unsolvable. Meanwhile, this poor guy, he's putting out real content on YouTube and linking the HIVE link in the section below. He seems like a creative dude to me, probably not interested in the politics. But yeah, lets just all be mean to each other until the word gets out that you'd have to be out of your mind to invest in either chain. Fuck it, burn it all down. I'll make smores over the charred rubble that was once Steem and HIVE.

I can't help but wonder if that's what Sun felt like when he got soft forked out of his investment.

I stopped reading there. Inform yourself, then comment please.

I think if you kept reading, you'd realize that I am informed on the topic, however, I am not a mind reader, and I don't know what you find that's uninformed about the above statement. I was referencing soft fork 0.22.2, which froze Justin's assets. At that point, his stake was in limbo. Had he not conducted the "hostile takeover," there was a very real threat that the community could have hard forked him our of his investment. It was rumors of that very idea that chased Ned's stake away and into the hands of the exchanges. So, it's no wonder why he sold it under the table. These chains have to be coded to respect property rights, or nothing means anything at all. Else it's just a big game of who can steal what from who, or limit the abilities of the other.

Justin Sun only proved the community witnesses right that he was going to take over Steem eventually anyway. He had just done the same thing to his own Tron network. He has the typical insecure personality of a tyrant and removes anyone who isn't a thrall to him.

My point of view is a witness who has followed this story since its beginning, the 2016 beginning, until now.

Ned's a greedy idiot of his own kind, by the way. He skimmed enough off the Stinc balance sheet that selling Stinc for pennies on the dollar wasn't really necessary. Greedy idiot though. Selling it to the worst buyer he could find at the worst price he could find with a stupid contingent deal attached to it proves that alone, but there was plenty more evidence.

This is your current witness voting list.


You made this proposal and didn't bother to remove your witness votes from Sun's sockpuppets or @justyy who was a conspirator in freezing Steem accounts and is now a conspirator to steal 23M+ in STEEM from myself and others. You have learned nothing and proven that excluding your account from the Hive airdrop was entirely valid.


Sorry, I do n’t support HF23 on Steem, I just forgot to remove the vote on Hive for a while, Steem has cancelled the previous vote, I will cancel the vote on Hive when I go home.

Hi @pfunk, I was looking at @sasaadrian witness votes with him recently thats why he submitted a proposal to explain the situation. It's not that he didn't bother to remove his sock puppet witness votes in Hive, it was an oversight and something that I wished I had thought of checking as well. In fact, when you did your post last week, i hadn't noticed his name on it, otherwise that would be the second thing I asked him to do (after Steem).

I can vouch for @sasaadrian that it was a genuine oversight from someone who is trying to find his way in the system. Thanks

I support this proposal.

Thank you for your support.

I was one of those who messaged you to vote for the community witnesses that day, so of course I will support this proposal as I know you would not have knowingly voted for the sock puppet witness.

Thank you for your support.

I trust sasaadrian, he mostly focus on vlogging, I don't think he's very informed with steem-related stuff. Normally he vlogs in Cantonese language.

Thank you Joy


Thank you for your support.

While I do not know you @sasaadrian, I do know your friend @livinguktaiwan. If she supports your proposal, I support your proposal.

The +31 MVests over which I have some control are now voted in favor of it. I wish you well for success in appealing to the community!

Thank you for your support.

I've supported you.

Thank you for your support.



I've put my money where my mouth is and given you a 1K SP delegation for a month so you can get your buzz on HIVE.


i support this

Thank you for your support.

Looks like an honest mistake. I have supported this proposal.

Thank you for your support.

Perfect :) if only everyone applied personally and provided honest data...

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Looks like a genuine mistake, I support this proposal.

Thank you for your support.🙏

I support your proposal! Welcome to Hive! :)

Thank you for your support.🙏