AIRDROP: ALX get 1000 for sign up - 4000/referall get paid to view video's

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Another great opportunity to get free money

Get 1000 free ALX tokens for signing up on Algebraix + 4000 ALX tokens for each friend you refer.

Link to sign up and receive tokens:

What is algebraix?

Algebraix is a permission based advertising platform, fueled by the ALX token.
On their website you can watch advertisement and get rewarded with ALX-tokens.
Very interesting if you ask me.

For now it is in beta-testing. They promise to release the earned ALX-tokens once the are out the testnet.

This is a big earningopportunity here so grab what you can and defently take a look at this interesting website.

alx algebraix.png


A reader claimed ALX is not the same as ALAX ALX but algebraix ALX
however is is forbidden once a company has paid for patent on shortening to use the same ALX that makes me suspect they will use the ALX-blockchain, wich can also be suspected since the faq is speaking about solutions for their own blockchain.

also this is what i found:

The ALX Exchange
We plan for the ALX token to become an easy-to-use mainstream cryptocurrency. Our creating and
running a cryptocurrency exchange is part of that plan. It will help us in the following ways:
» We will be able to integrate it into the ALX platform. We intend it to be inexpensive.
» ALX members will be able to move between currencies quickly and inexpensively
» We intend to support fiat currencies. We expect that to be popular with members.
» The will available to anyone who wishes to use it - not just ALX members.
» We will be using ALX tokens as a bridge currency, to encourage users to begin to use ALX as a
metric of value.

  • edit I emailed the info of algebraix and they confirm that it is a different token then ALAX ALX.

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This confirms that they are very different currencies, consult yourself in the official telegram group and it will tell you what is in the images, it is great that you have good profit in this post and I congratulate you, but I am only correcting that you are wrong
alax 1 no.pngalax no 2.png

lol nice work! good job doing your own research

By any chance do you have a discord or telegram and would be open to answering a few questions for me if you have both time and wanteness?

Interesante proyecto de esta plataforma publicitaria (Algebraix), la cual se basa en la obtención de permisos y a la vez impulsada por el token ALX. Aqui podemos ver publicidad y obtener recompensas con tokens ALX. me gusta y necesito mas información al respecto

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When the tokens are set for distribution?

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after the testnet, no specific date seen, meaby check whitepaper :

I found this in FAQ: ALX token totals displayed in the app during the beta test have exactly the same value as real ALX tokens, but have not been delivered to your wallet. When ALX moves from the testnet to mainnet, your ALX tokens will be delivered to your in-app wallet.

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Seems interesting! There are a lot of sites like it, but seems like a good airdrop!

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