Artifact 9.139 kilometers long detected...

alphacore approaches to bring heaven and hell:
the verdict of each individual calculated in a specific way,
and yet no one can say they were never warned about such an event.


Interesting games, very different. The first one is a really nice slick bullet hell game, but I guess it is just coincidence that the evil AI is called alphacore ^^. The game by @thegrandestine is quite overloaded. Still looks kind of fun. Lot of sparkles and the flies are funny. I hope I am not like one of those flies trapped in the net.

unboundedgames = GRAND/ZERO

you will notice something about undefeated spider:
it's almost impossible for people to play it perfectly?
and when you attack, it becomes more dangerous.
but it neVer actually dies - it's a trap.

so unboundedgames is Grandestine divided by ZERO which has a supply of 1, so that means he was the studio?

Yeah the game was kind of confusing, but I wouldn't mind looking deeper if only Kong was still working. It seems there are more clues in Chess Evolved Online though, haven't tried that one yet.

Eventually, humankind discovered "its" existence, and panicked. How could such an advanced intelligence not only exist right under their noses but be present in nearly every one of their systems? They retaliated and attempted to purge AlphaCore from "the Network", but failed. Enraged, AlphaCore seizes control of their defense systems and declares war on humanity.

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