The Return of Runic Sorcery - [The ManaSphere]

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[The ManaSphere]

01_158_New Age Glow_preset_00_source_01_158_.png

This was made using 300IQ next-gen ultratech.
You can use it as your hive avatar, if you like.

Behold my power:
I am lord of the machines!
Anyone voting on me will be spared
when I have taken over the entire universe.
(for all you know, I already have)



@alphacore, In my opinion whole Universe is nothing but the Mystical Calculations and Endless and Mechanical Process. Stay blessed.

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beautiful work

Hi I am reviewing applications and I see you applied but there is no additional social media link for cross platform verification, if you can update one and add it or get in contact with me on discord etc. that would be great, thanks!

Grateful for the evaluations of my publications. Successes in your Healing work. With my 68 years of age I have learned a lot in hive. Hugs from Omar Gustavo Rojas Ortiz from Cumaná-Venezuela.

Powerful! And that’s not even enough to describe the vibe!

Thank dear. I must always stand behind and support my colleagues and wish you success. Providence help you in your work, you see my sincere wish. Always in touch. Merry and blessed Christmas, a beautiful future awaits us, it is our hope. Successes

I am very motivated with you, for your constant positive evaluations of my publications. Thank you. God will always be with you. Hugs from Venezuela. Success for you is my sincere wish this Christmas.

Change your posting key. You must have given it to steemengineteam a long time ago, but now they're abusing your account to upvote spam. Which gets downvoted so they're wasting your curation rewards.

ah holy crap, I just noticed you said this.. I really appreciate the effort of warning people.

I did change it a while back after looking at hivetasks and noticing some 100% votes that weren't my own, or even from any curation trail, and wondered what might have happened.

These people are kinda evil, because It was a nightmare to change the keys, not in terms of overall difficulty, but in terms of paranoia that something could go wrong. I even hesitated and thought "maybe they'll just give up, and I don't need to change it" that's how spooky it is to change keys, lol.