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Watching football allows me to understand the game and the aptitude
of a team.
This picture above is what you will see in the Ravens site and
clearly Lamar is the man of the hour.
Last night game shows you need skills and willingness to go all the way.
Do not get me wrong that Rams want to do the same thing.
Last year they were right up there till they collapsed in front of Patriots.

This year we have different caliber of teams looking to win it all.
Patriots every year play to win it all.
This year we have Ravens and 49ers pushing the envelope and
calibrate their teams to play every week to show they are serious.

Lamar did something spectacular by throwing for 5 TD in Monday night.
He can run and throw. He snapped pretty fast and get rid of the fooball causing the defense
to scramble to catch up.
Even the Rams head coach cannot believe his eye saying he is a candidate for MVP.
Somehow Ravens we all know as a defensive team is now a duo threat in the NFL.

Yes they lost to the Browns and Chiefs.
I can understand the Chiefs since they can score points but the Browns.
That was so September.
As a unit they are rolling and punishing all teams coming to give them a try.
While Lamar is the face of the franchise, the whole team is running on all cylinders.
Peters ex-Rams did intercept Jared to put everything to rest.

Ravens running game is brutal.
Ingram keeps bringing it to them till they collapsed.
You know Lamar can throw.
Indeed they continue to run the game to punish your defense.
It is a recipe to cause disaster on the other side.

Flip the coin Ravens are in a mission to go all the way.
Patriots seem to amaze cause they find a way to win.
Will Baltimore win against Patriots ?
This show we had Monday night prove they can.
They did it once and they can do it again.
Bills knows what Baltimore did to them before with Ray Lewis.
Discipline always wins football game.
Lamar is a must see TV now, just two years in the league.
Got to see more.
Till then stay tuned.