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I am asking the question and if you are a die hard fan of the game,
You can dissect which one right now.
At first before I swim into numbers, The AFC does not look
the strongest conference but so far into week 14, they are by two wins.
Equally they have the same amount of losses as well.
On the other hand NFC have less
than 100 losses compare to their counterpart.

All divisions in the AFC have more than 20+ wins.
NFC is not this way where there is a division not even reaching 20 wins yet.
NFC WEST already has more than 30 wins.
NFC EAST is the problem where all teams are below .500
Hard to believe how the stats compiled.

Only 4 divisions are above .500.
Two on each conference.
You may not like the way the setup goes
but it gives advantage to some teams like Patriots to go to
playoffs easy every year, but some will have a hard time to get by.
Maybe they should change the rule where any division leader under .500
will not go to playoffs if another team has better standing than them.

Let say an example if Cowboys and Eagles stay below .500
they should exclude all together their division in the playoffs.
Giving opportunity for other teams to get in.
Now you will hear, it is not fair.
Fairness should be the norm in all aspects.
NFC EAST is the lowest division.
Hard to swallow Cowboys and Eagles are part of it.
Two elites teams with impressive past record.
Definitely few people care for the past and they want to see a win now.
Let's see how many teams will win from that division on Sunday.
Stay tuned!


sweet read, featuring it in my curation project
great info, nice format :)

Glad you pass by.
Doing my best to keep it simple.

I agree, the NFC East is having a down year!