Empathy and Innovation

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In this video, I discuss the importance of accentuating technological innovation with human empathy. We can build all sorts of wondrous artifacts, but without human bonding, we may not be able to sustain ourselves in the coming age of artificial intelligence. Empathy and connectedness is what makes us humans, so we should leverage these characteristics as we move into the future and evolve our species via technology.

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whenver we discover something new in our life we feel proud and happy like the first born child in our family

Empathy is not only essential for technology but also essential in our daily life each and every where. Our surrounding lots of bad things happening everyday. So we need empathy for them. Yes, empathy is need for AIS due to AIS era. I watch your whole video, really it nice to all.

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Not sure if humans have the capacity to really adapt to all this technology... We'll see what happens.

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