Android 12 features and features after the beta version is officially announced

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Google officially announced the first beta version of Android 12. During the keynote speech at the Google I / O 2021 conference on Tuesday. This is the first time since 2014 that Google has revised the interface design. This beautifies the interface of Android 12. Android 12 includes many new features, including new privacy options, better performance and battery life.


Release date and betas for Android 12

Google used to associate the release of the new version of Android with the launch of the latest Nexus or Pixel phone, although the company has moved away from this pattern in recent years.

The last two versions of Android were released in early September. Android 10 on September 3, 2019, and Android 11 on September 8, 2020. (The latest Pixel phones didn't arrive until a month later either way).

However, it is very likely that Android 12 will also arrive in September this year, although Google has not set an official date. The timeline posted on the company's developer website indicates a release at the end of the third quarter of 2021 - that is, the end of September.

On February 18, Google released its first developer preview of Android 12. It comes with a lot of new developer-focused features, including platform stability. Google is working on Android 12 stable by August 2021.

As of May 18, the first beta version of Android 12 is available for many devices, including Pixels

Android 12 features

User interface redesign

The biggest change to Android in several years is with Android 12. It comes with an exciting all-new UI with Material You UI design. The new design uses distinct colors from your wallpaper for a subtle look and a more unified look. There are changes to the notification center and quick settings as well.
Specifically, you will get larger and more rounded elements in the notification center. Google describes this look as "easier and more fun".
Quick settings improvements

Speaking of quick settings, Android 12 lets you do a lot of settings, including access to Google Pay and key controls for connected devices. In fact, Google claims that you can control "the entire operating system with one click".

A new way to launch the Google Assistant

In the run-up to Android 12's release, we heard that Google was planning to add other ways to activate its digital assistant other than saying "Hey, Google." Google has confirmed that long pressing the Home button now launches Google Assistant.

Better performance and better energy efficiency

Thanks to the improvements made, Google says Android 12 is more flexible and fast. Specifically, Google claims to have reduced the CPU response time needed for core system services by up to 22%. Usage of large cores by the system server will increase by up to 15%. This can lead to faster response in daily use as well as longer battery life.

Google takes a tough and fast approach to privacy with Android 12. While we haven't seen anything on the level of app tracking that was introduced in Apple's recent iOS 14.5 update, we do see Google taking things very seriously. There is a new privacy dashboard where you can see which apps have got the permissions. In addition to monitoring what apps do and what permissions they have obtained, you can also revoke the permissions

√ Microphone and camera

For more privacy, there is a new indicator that pops up on the screen if the app is using the microphone and / or camera. There are also two new buttons in Quick Settings if you want to revoke these permissions temporarily.

√ Share location

You can also share approximate location with apps instead of exact location of apps as general location will suffice. (Like weather apps that provide general forecasts.)

√ Safe folders

Android 12 also features locked folders, which will be available through various apps. You can set a folder as Safe Folder and lock and unlock with your fingerprint.
Privacy Compute Core
Google also talked about Privacy Compute Core, which allows your phone to use AI functions like Smart Reply, Live Caption, and Now Play without any of this data leaving your phone.

What devices does Android 12 support?

You can expect flagship phones launched in 2021 such as Samsung Galaxy S21 and OnePlus 9 to get Android 12. We hope that will be done by the end of the year. Samsung has expanded the number of eligible Android updates for its phones. It is clear that the upcoming Pixel 6 will likely ship with pre-installed Android 12.

Unfortunately, the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will not receive Android 12; Android 11 was their last update. That means the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are next, which makes Android 12 likely to be their latest update.



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