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Hello my dear friends! The year has started just great! A new bird arrived yesterday - a young pigeon. Thank you for not New Year's Eve! (if anything, it was sarcasm😁 ) The bird is healthy. This is a chick that has lost its parents. I have already spoken many times about the irrepressible desire of pigeons to reproduce. Nothing can stop them: no tsunami, no earthquake, no winter! True, in winter they are not too inclined to take care of the offspring ...

And another great news (if anything, this is also sarcasm). The three female guinea pigs that arrived in the fall magically turned into four! Therefore, I have some unpleasant questions for the vet, who examined them and assured them that they are all females! 😈


They hid the baby so confidently that I noticed it just now! Of course, I love all sorts of furry and feathered babies, but I never build guinea pigs !!! The only consolation is that now I will have a gorgeous quartet! Have you ever heard how guinea pigs sing? O! It is worth listening to!


Another piece of news, Shocky, the rabbit, who arrived in December and flatly refused to be friends with other rabbits, is now friends with guinea pigs.


And of course I again joined the stream of daily worries. Yesterday I brought five bags of grain for granivorous birds and ten bales of straw for insulating the enclosures. It’s an endless process ... Because I didn’t have time to breathe a sigh of relief, and the next trip is to get food for dogs and food for storks ... I can only hope that the weather will be as favorable to me as it has been until now and I don't have to deal with snow or ice.





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Can the pigeon deliver messages?

What a nice pictures 😍😍 I love cats and dogs and I have a beautiful rabbit

Отличный пост .
Мне нравятся ваши посты вы проделываете большую работу.


Hope we will see baby pigeons from her :)