Curiosities in the exploitation of the ostrich

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The breeding and exploitation of the ostrich have shown their enormous advantages, compared with species of traditional exploitation, as in the case of bovines, since meat production is reached in just 1/6 of the time required by that species, in addition there is already a market that demands not only the meat, but the skin and the feathers and that is growing and even with exports to the United States and Europe. In addition, the posture (egg) of the ostrich is the largest of the birds, weighing between 1 and 2 kg, which is equivalent to about 24 chicken eggs.

The longevity of the ostrich is between the 30 and 40 years range, reaching up to 50 years, when they are kept in captivity. In addition, its advantage in the exploitation is also given by its enormous size and weight, since they can reach heights up to 3 meters with a weight of 180 kg.

The exploitation of this species of bird is favorable, since it requires less extension of land for its production, however it is good to note that to start raising this type of animal requires a large investment, since to own the breeding stock , (2 males and 4 females), a few hundred dollars should be invested, a fact that limits the small producer; even more to the Venezuelan producer, with the restrictions on the acquisition of dollars, coupled with the fluctuating hyperinflation in which the Venezuelan economy is located. But even so it is an attractive business for the capitalist investor, who could initiate his investment in the area of ​​tourism, because this animal favors this topic.

On the other hand it is important to note that products derived from ostrich such as: skin, meat, feathers, eggs, blood and bones, must be subject to the regulations that each country may have for this purpose and its commercialization . But well known is that all these products are used in full, because we have to:

The skin

This is the most valuable product, thanks to its softness, resistance and elegance, therefore it deserves special care, that is, once the animal has been slaughtered and skinned, salt must be applied for its conservation at low temperatures, then it must be applied cleaning, tanning, drying and then dyeing, being ready for processing in various articles.

The meat

To conquer the national market must have strict health standards, but its cuts are very attractive, since it achieves the breast, the fillets of the high and low legs. It is a very healthy meat, with low cholesterol, less fat and calories, but rich in iron.


They can be used in fashion design, thanks to their beauty and they are obtained by collecting them when the animal is alive, since when the animal is slaughtered, the feathers are used in the industry for the manufacture of dusters and shakers.

The eggs

By their weight (1 to 2 kg), and their size (25 cm long), when they are infertile they are used in decoration, as ornamental objects.

Blood and bones

These products are very useful in the preparation of concentrated foods, for the consumption of the animal kingdom.

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