Couple of animations

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I'm working on a animation for a local community project. Here're 2 of the test runs that I did with the drawings.
forest backdrop (1).gif


And what will be theme song or jingle?

It's going to be a animated video with sound effects.

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Very handsome animation

cute animation :) keep it on
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Very cool animations. Well done. I know a ton of work goes into making these.

nice sprites, I'm learning Opengl myself so will hopefully have some animations up eventually. Hope the weekend is going well.

Hi. Nice! I tried animation too & it's alot of work!
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animation is something that everyone can easily accept. animation we can use as a tool to convey education to children.

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Please continue

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Very cool!! People don't realize how tough it can be, to animate the little dot across the screen!

Super Monsanto Bros.gif

The second animation seems to me an invisible tornado!! :D Is this made in "Flash"? Good work!!

I send you many Hugs and only good vibes!! Thank you for support!!! :D

Love animation, even if Sonic needs a new stylist.

Very beautiful video! My son

hahaha nice

Te comento que tengo 3 hijos y le gustaron en lo que concluyas tu proyecto por favor notifica a ver dónde las podemos ver para mostrarles el producto terminado.

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That's so cool 😎 . It's like the wind is pushing the hedgehog.

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Cool... keep on working hard good concept.

Cool work. Well done

Those trees are SILLY! me like 🎃

Superb animation work.

Those are pretty good. Nice job.

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Nice one!

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Two animations, I don't understand animation, wish I can learn from your posts.
But when I was a child, I was very interested in the animated cartoon.

Love the second animation, it is fairly original! :)

es, I've been vitalizing I swear. Its only difficult to get this stuff up here hah.

Movements by me

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Nice animation %%%


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Me encantaría saber hacer estos vídeos, siento envidia sana de tus habilidades y conocimientos

Thanks for support @ubg
Doing great job

That is great! what are you using to do that please, its cool! and is it easy to learn cos I would love to learn how, regards Gez..

looks nice cant wait to see the finished work. keep the great wotk up.

Haha dog is so cute

Good to hear my friend

great one...

would you be interested in helping me animate a panda bear for a kids project. We need an animator with some tie on their hands.

This is indeed interesting @ubg. All the best toward Your success...

It's fun.

I like the flying wood ;) super @ubg

Congratulations!! Very nice

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I love the volatility of the animation below!

Big like for the second animation!
Keep up the great work!

Nice work! Here is an example of my own animation efforts:

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The first animation is really cute. Good effort in your animation for the community project!

Very nice! Animation is a lot of work. Keep it up.

interesting I really love good jobs

looks great

i always was curious how people make theese animations, I have some made in 3d (blender), thanks for remind me about it, i will post it soon! :D i would upvote you but my vote doesnt count... :<

I look forward to the full video👍
Can’t wait!


The trees blew my mind. Never seen an idea like that. Have you looked into virtual reality animation? Is it a big leap as it relates to your skills?

Wow...this is so cool! What software are you using?

Cool! Animations is the best! Following, resteemed & upvoted dear @ubg !

good animation work keep it up......

The first one just makes me laught. Animation doesn't have to be precise, it has to have charm.

oye muy buena animación!

hello @ubg that's very cool 😃 @ubg i'm enjoying your test run

Hi dude, Nice attempt .You better try to use after effects for animation to get nice results