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RE: Community Antiabuse Discord Bot

in #antiabuse13 days ago

Well done @adamada and @jazzhero, good to see someone is thinking along these lines.

By the way, you used the term; "for kicks and giggles." For the first time in my life that phrase makes sense! Everyone I know has always said "for shits and giggles", which I never understood, kicks makes much more sense! 😂



I heard shits and giggles first but somehow remembered it as kicks and giggles instead. Then started using kicks without anyone mentioning I'm using the wrong word until now. XD
They give me the same meaning and no one pointing it out made me assume they got the message too. Now I know.

Long term, I want to see more communities empowering themselves to clean up their mess before other users outside the community call out the behavior. I think a lot of people fall for the group think and generalization trap like if some bad actors do negative things here on Hive, they get an impression this is ok on Hive. It's like that but on a smaller scale with communities. Community leaders should have the tools to help them monitor members.

And it doesn't have to be a blacklist as a whitelist can also be used for this bot with just a label change.

Thanks for stopping by!