A Gift

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bubbles, bubbles,
here comes trouble
singing to the trees.

Light projects,
animals stare,
one of a kind

wings flap
cooling air
can be heard

solace heals
cleans the soul
arms outstretched
letting go

bubbles, bubbles,

A tip, a toe,
an animal's nose.
in focus.

The portal opens


Happy Birthday, @Dreemsteem.

I hope all your wishes this year come true!!

Help someone smile today. It can not hurt you.


All photos are mine unless otherwise stated.

Gif made by @Snook


@snook, hello there... 😁, Been a while. It's a perfect gift for a perfect birthday, I mean I was caught up in the whole rhyme, felt like I was singing a song aloud. Hahahaa.

Hope you've been well?

Happy Birthday, @Dreemsteem

heheheh thank you @josediccus!

you should read this poem and record it with your amazing voice!!!! hehehehe

Looool how do you know i have an amazing voice? 😁😁😁😁

because when Scuzzy used to judge the poetry contests... who do you think he asked for help? hehehehe

and the first time I heard your voice doing that poetry reading hehehehe I loved it!

i think it was you and Breezin in that contest :)

hahahaha that's the first time I heard of you - alllllllllll the way back then! lol

Haaaa you were a judge in scuzzy's Poetry initiative too? Wow, it's been more than 2 years but then it feels like yesterday.
I think back then we use to have DSOUND. such a wonderful dapp it was, it was saddening to actually see them move over to Tron.

hehehehe I was a secret judge i guess. hahaha

when he needed help - he'd tell me to come listen and give my opinion!
i loved your expressive voice!!!! :)

it really has been a while - I haven't talked to him in forever- but he was so fun and funny!!! :)

I have been thinking of you and hope you are okay and still with us!!!!!!!!!
Thank You for your very kind words!! Coming from you it really means a lot!!

I think @DreemSteem is correct in saying you should do a reading of it!! You ARE the perfect person to do it!! I hope this means you will be around again!!

Yeah, I remember the days I used to read a lot of poems in the contest, I'm not sure I have a good voice anymore.

Truth is, I'm actually here, alive and kicking and of course with a lot on my plate, sometimes it feels like 24-hours is hardly enough for me. But I'm actually doing fine, im glad you are too, hopefully your birthday can come up soon too. Hahah.

What a perfect birthday card for our birthday queen of the Fireflies @dreemsteem :) She deserves all of the happiness God can and does provide :)

Great work on the drawing and poem,@snook :)

Thank You so very much!!! and Yes, she does!!

wasn't it just beautiful! I love her art - because I can FEEL what she's feeling when I see it! hehehe

It always just makes me feel hopeful - and ALWAYS makes me smile!!!!

I loved this so much hehehe

It was perfect :) I never realized how awesome Hive really is!!! Such a great community :)

Posted via proofofbrain.io

well - it's just like any site really.

when you put the time and effort into seeking out the gems - you'll soon have a treasure chest full of them hehehehe

Good point :) ... I can't wait to see the treasures to be discovered this time around :) !

Quite the spell 🤗 Love you!

Thank YOU!

hehehehehehehehe you hear me giggling - right?!?!?! :)

I'm totally giggling and smiling and beaming and loving this gift!!!!!!!!

I love you so much!!!! You got the eyes PERFECT!! and I never used to like my eyes - because they are dark and boring.

And this past year - I've started to see something new.

And I look in her eyes - and I see the sparkle that everyone says is in mine hehehehe and I love her. and I'm so thankful for you in my life!!!!

Thank you for this beautiful gift. I know how much it took from you to do this Snook!!!! And that's what makes it even more precious to me!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

You have always had that sparkle.
Never forget it.

I am so HAPPY You like her. I wish I could sew and make her into a doll for you.


hahahahaha someday maybe you will Snook! :)

you never know. You are always learning and stretching yourself into more and more!

so - someday - i might have a dreemie doll by snook! hehehehe

Maybe someday you will LOLL

hehehehehehe yes -someday... what a glorious day this will be.

I have so many things planned for "someday" hahahahahahahaha

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