📣 Trading Tutorial: How to trade APX with BITCOIN💥 Trading Competition & Airdrop with 200,000 APX Prize Pool 💰

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From now on, you can now trade APX tokens against BITCOIN on Hoo.com! 💥

Just in time for the bitcoin boom and countdown to the bitcoin halving 🚀

Watch the Video tutorial ⬇️ BELOW ⬇️ to learn how to deposit BTC or APX into your Hoo.com wallet and use our EOS-Gateway!

Buying & trading APX Tokens has never been easier than with our new bitcoin pairing. 💰

In the video tutorial above, we are showing you exactly how you can trade APX/BTC, how to transfer your BTC to hoo.com and buy APX there, and how to transfer your APX from steem-engine through our EOS gateway to your EOS wallet and then to Hoo.com.

And best of all: the whole process of the tutorial is done on your Smartphone 📱

What you need to follow the tutorial above:

  • Bitcoin wallet
  • Hoo.com account

To send APX from your APPICS/SteemEngine wallet to Hoo.com:

  • EOS wallet (for example wombat mobile wallet)
  • Steem account credentials for steem-engine.com
  • Hoo.com account

Trading Competition & Airdrop with a 200,000 APX prize pool 💸


🔸 Duration: 15:00 on Apr 30, 2020 - 15:00 May 10 (UTC+8)

🔸 Prize pool: 100,000 APX

Rules: Hoo will collect the net-buy volume (net-buy volume = buy - sell - withdrawal)
of APX/BTC of our users during the campaign. The top 3 users with the highest net-buy volume will share a 100,000 APX prize pool.


What are the requirements? 💭

1. If you are not registered on Hoo.com yet, please register first.
2. Please deposit at least 500 APX from an external account, or trade at least 500 APX.

💰Users who meet the requirements will get a 100 APX airdrop each.
🔸 Prize pool: 100,000 APX

Happy Trading 📈 and good luck to everyone with the trading competition 🍀

If you have any questions about APPICS, you can ask our admins on Telegram:

Official APPICS Group

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Everything you need to know about APPICS



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Deleted the app after you announced you'd stay on steem.

Move over to hive 😭 i haven't posted on appics cause all i get is server error is annoying af and is all fault of steem so move over!!! Pleaseeeee

Happy to see APX/BTC Trading now open! And great tonsee Appics post on Hive as well! 😉🚀🔥

It's good to see APX in more exchanges, this is very positive for the project!


Soo Apx go to 1$🙌 💵💵💘

No that is not APX (appics) you can find APPICS APX on Coingecko:


And after Hoo.com Exchange APPICS needs 1 exchange that we get listed on Coinmarketcap because to be listed on CMC you have to be listed on 2 Exchanges that are too listed on CMC 😉

Hoo Exchange is one of them 😉

Thanks for the reply!

Why does appics use the same three letter code as a different project?
that doesn't make a whole pile of sense

That was a coincidence because APX means Appics AP is clear the X = ics