Dear APPICS family, the news are out! 📢

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From now on, you can buy APPICS Power directly with your Visa & MasterCard 💳!

Simply go to ➡⚡and choose one of our power packages which will last for 30 days!

This update lets you buy VOTING POWER (APX Delegation) and receive up to 9x the voting power as if you’d buy APX tokens on exchange. Try it out!

Why boost your voting power ❓
The higher your APPICS Power, the higher the weight of your vote which means you can boost other people’s and your own content, you attract more followers and your content will be shown on our trending page! Instead of slowly earning more APX over time, buying APX power drastically speeds up your progression, boosts your earnings and influence 📈


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Nice move guys...I really like it ;)!

This is incredible ❤️. We love you Appics

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We love you back ❤️

This is a great update, as the process of getting apx on exchanges may not be easy for some people. Looking forward to more updates from APPICS 😁👍

Exactly! This is an easy way for anyone to purchase and increase their voting power 🙌🏽

Awesome 🙌 already bought and powered up using both credit card and using scatter 😎💪

Awesome 🦾 enjoy your new power ⚡️

This is awesome!! Thanks forvthe update, Go Team Appics!!

Thank you! 🙌🏽

Your welcome!

Awesome! ❤️🔥❤️


Pamp That APX Power!!!

Yesss 🔥

That's great.



that's great news appics team. This should be understood easily.. congras..

Thank you! 🙏

It’s just sad that I only have one delegation possibility!

Thats smart. Hope load tons are interested:)))

Thank you!

Wow its a nice move..great update