So Tik Tok is one of the fastest growing social media in these past months and I ...

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... nstagram is probably at the top of the growing curve. I want to Ask my followers: what do you think makes Appics Unique and a potential challenger to these traditional social medias. I know one of the main benefits is rewarding its users, but aside that what else do you think makes this app attractive for its users to make them use the app as part of their daily life. This should be interesting.


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The Community... 🤙

Good one!


Interesting. Hive on!

That's something we need to investigate into. Hmm

Looks good

Looking great

As well as rewarding its users with APX Its like A family here so friendly, and the App. Is easy to use!

I signed up on TikTok yesterday, but dont know how to use it lol