Call centre Steemian... Pretty much every freebie t-shirt I get suffers the same ...

in #appics4 years ago

... fate... and ends up in my gym rotation.

This year's Steemfest offering is no different.

However this time the tables were turned... a combination of the t-shirt and my headphones makes me look like a new recruit to a Steem call centre.

"No ma'am, I cannot tell you when Steem will moon."

Come to think of it. Call centre workers probably work virtually nowadays and can get away answering calls butt-naked. Picture that the next you call your phone provider for assistance!

Yes, you're welcome.


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wow check you out with your gangster headset here's the type of flavours we be working with at the calls centres I know

No ma’am i cannot tell you when SMT will launch 😂

lol... too soon for SMT jokes

Thanks so much sir. Good to know you like it too

wow, it is one of the best t-shirt here on steemit sir. You look so good in it. Can't wait to have one. Steem shirts are so good for promo just like what l share here with friends in Ghana. Thanks @nanzo-snaps for sharing and keep having more these.


Those t-shirts are sweet!

"No ma'am, I cannot tell you when Steem will moon."

Well that's just not ok.. Let me speak to your supervisor! 😜

cool t-shirt

Nakedsssss LoL yeah no call centers but maybe we will all make steem far out to the Galaxy 🙌🏽


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