Hey Appics users!! Let me introduce myself! If you already follow me on steemit (which ...

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... you should 😜) then you know a lot of my life is focused around travel and wine. I’m a sommelier and am currently working to complete my diploma in wine studies. When I’m not studying, I’m looking for any excuse to travel! I’ve seen a ton of amazing places and am headed to New York in a couple of weeks. I’ll make sure to post a ton for you while I’m there! I’m so excited to be part of the Appics platform and can’t wait to see what happens in the future :):) Happy posting and don’t forget to check out my steemit page as well! @travelingsomm 😉🙃


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greetings, travelingsomm

Be very welcome to steemit social network. I've been here since February of this year and I'm really enjoying. I participate here actively every day. Here, we can learn a lot by reading other people's posts about content that interest us and we can post our own content, helping people within our areas of expertise, training our writing, making a kind of "therapy" because, writing helps us to reflect on our knowledge and we will be slightly paid for it. I hope you enjoy.

My main tip is: before you begin to post your content, read the posts by teaching staff how to use this network, about how to write good text, how are the coins sbd, steem and steem power, how to advertise your text using the discord by example, votes issues and other things.

Other than that, we are always available. If you have any questions, go ahead.

Good afternoon!!!! Welcome!!

Welcome to Steem Community @travelingsomm! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

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Welcome to Steemit and have fun!

I like your posts!

welcome to steemit! i look forward to hearing about wine and travels...

My 4 years old boy loves New York, he says he What's to move house cause there's lights everywhere over there lol. Welcome to the community ☺

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thanks for the reply!

Welcome to Steem, @travelingsomm!

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Whats up?!

I was not following you on steemit before. But now that i am here on appics i am excited to see what you are up to ;)

hi sommelier, welcome to steemit. you have good smile ;)

Love your smile, wine is delicious, love your enthusiasm, your style, I'm Joey Oatmeal hehe, and you are a goddess and what is Appics? My Firefox browser didn't let me go to your link. http://appics.com

hey hey hey!

Nice to meet you here! my name is Maria!
I know you love to travel!

I really want to know what do you think about my travel tips?


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Hey @travelingsomm! Welcome to APPICS! Glad to have you on board, APPICS will be a great place to share all your traveling experiences 🌎

Hi Somm,

This is a lovely introductory post, Thank you for taking the time to write the post and say hello to the community!

I would encourage you to keep posting and comment on others users content to help make a name for yourself and to get the most out of the platform! Feel free to comment on my content and I'll up vote your comments! Drop me a follow so you can comment a lot and get a lot of my upvotes!

I have upvoted your post!

Luppers :)

Wuuuhuu Welcome on Appics 🙌🏼

Welcome to steemit.

This is my first reply and your profile is the first one to follow. Waiting for your new posts about your travels.

welcome to this community

hi welcomee

Very nice work, I am a big fan of your posts. great to have you here . Remember to have fun. Please follow me if your interested in blockchain and technology. I promise the most in depth reviews/articles around.

Greetings my dear sommelier ;-)
I wasn’t, but I am following you now on Steem!!! ;-)

NICE! great information ThAnkio so much
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Awesome post too sir. Great points on why people should attend.