Life with epilepsy-no teeth, no smile?

Two years ago, I fell due to an epileptic seizure and broke my front teeth.
Yes, it was shock, and yes I was pissed like hell. I never counted on what all could happen to me during the attack, and sadly reality hit me in the face. Literally.
But somehow I came to terms with the fact that things like this could happen, and that I shouldn't give up, because something worse could happen.
Unfortunately, dental repair is very expensive in Austria, so I had my front two teeth temporarily patched and somehow hoped that they wouldn't wear out until I raised enough money to have my teeth repaired.
I researched all the possible options where I could have my teeth repaired, but the prices for dental repairs are huge, especially in Austria. So I started looking for dentists in nearby countries like Slovenia and Croatia, but the prices were still abnormally high.
How can I afford a dental repair with two average salaries? The cost of living a normal life are quite high in Austria, and if you want to live at least a little comfortably, you don't have much money left at the end of the month. I didn't want to empty our savings accounts because with this money we want to create a future, such as a house. So I made another savings account, and hoped to save enough money in 5 years to repair my teeth.
During this time, I was looking for options where I could fix my teeth, which will be of good quality and preferably at least a little cheaper than the prices I have been looking at so far.
And then a year ago something unexpected happened.
My husband's teeth started to fall out due to stomach acid. Over time, it only got worse and he lost all his teeth. So I decided that the first thing to do was to fix his teeth, because somehow you can't live without the teeth. And again we started looking for dentists where the price wouldn’t be huge.
He found dentist in Hungary who repairs teeth and who is really good, and the price is somehow normal.
Of course, we immediately checked their website and comments from all the clients and to my surprise they were only positive comments, so we decided to call them, and explain what was wrong with his teeth and about how much it would cost us to fix it. When we were told the price we were in shock, but considering the prices in other countries it was still kind of bearable. 20,000 euros for teeth that will last a lifetime. They also said that if you losing your teeth due to health conditions Austrian insurance will cover up to 50% of the price.

We immediately went into action. We sold our mountain bikes, we also started selling things over the internet that we basically didn't need, took out a loan, and somehow hoped the insurance company would cover at least part of the cost.
We managed to raise enough money for the first visit to the dentist. They pulled out all his teeth and made him a temporary denture. The healing process lasts for about 6 months, so he sincerely hopes that during this time he will raise enough money for the last visit, which will cost at least 13,000 euros.

And then something unexpected happened again. Our Splinterlands account has gone up and we really didn’t expect that this could happen. Of course we don’t want to spend that money on personal matters but we prefer to invest and keep saving, but if anything goes wrong we can spend at least some money.

However, my husband found out over the time that my temporary teeth were starting to break and asked me why I didn’t mention anything. Why not? Because we need money to survive, and I still hope to raise enough money within 3 years to fix it.

And then I got a mail from the dentist some time ago. My husband made an appointment for me to have my teeth fixed. I can't say what happy feelings overwhelmed me. Of course, my first question was how were we going to afford it. His answer? I also put a lot of effort into this game, and I deserve at least something.

So, @Splinterlands thank you. You gave me a new smile.

We arrived from Hungary two days ago. Of course, this is also a temporary denture, because everything has to heal and my face is swollen and it all hurts, but finally I’m not having the fear that I will bite into the food and my teeth will fall out.

I love u my dear, you are the best husband in the world. ❤️

before my fall

After my fall

My temporary teeth

Preparations for new teeth


A smile with new teeth

Thanks guys for reading ☺️

I love those who can smile in trouble.-Leonardo da Vinci

With love,@tinabrezpike❤️