Moon Kart Social Media Promotion - Alpha Centauri Packs on the line!

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Moon Kart Social Media Promotion - Alpha Centauri Packs on the line!

Invennium Corp, the company leading development of the Arcade Colony video game platform and inauogoral game Moon Karts on the platform is pleased to announce a Social Media Promotion.

For the next 25 days we'll be tweeting out a contest on Twitter to get the word out to kart racing players. The winner of the daily contest will be eligible for a small handful of of Alpha Centauri packs, which are the first packs for sale for Arcade Colony.

No purchase is necessary. To participate all you need to do is find the most recent post on and make a comment (that includes your hive username). The comment with the most likes in approximately 24 hours will receive 1-5 Alpha Centauri packs!

Packs will be tabulated throughout the next 25 days, and distributed sometime in March. Players are eligible to win more than once and are encouraged to participate in every daily contest.

Find the first contest here:



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