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account = "archon-gov"

nodelist = NodeList()
nodes = nodelist.get_nodes(hive=True)
hive = Hive(node=nodes)

def sell_token(symbol, amount, price, account):
    he_market = Market(blockchain_instance=hive)
    market_trans = he_market.sell(account, amount, symbol, price)
    c = Comment(loaded_post, steem_instance=hive)
    c.reply(str(market_trans), "market_tx", account)

def transfer_token(to, amount, symbol, memo, account):
    he_wallet = Wallet(account, blockchain_instance=hive)
    transfer_tx = he_wallet.transfer(to, amount, symbol, memo)
    c = Comment(loaded_post, steem_instance=hive)
    c.reply(str(transfer_tx), "stake_tx", account)

def transfer_hive(to, amount, asset, memo, account):
    hive_account = Account(account, blockchain_instance=hive)
    hive_tx = hive_account.transfer(to, amount, asset, memo, account)
    c = Comment(loaded_post, steem_instance=hive)
    c.reply(str(hive_tx), "hive_tx", account)

def power_up_hive(to, amount, account):
    hive_account = Account(account, blockchain_instance=hive)    
    hive_power_tx = hive_account.transfer_to_vesting(amount, to, account)
    c = Comment(loaded_post, steem_instance=hive)
    c.reply(str(hive_power_tx), "hive_tx", account)

sell_token("BLURT", 26.197, 0.01, account)
sell_token("LEO", 17, 2.5, account)
sell_token("ARCHON", 900.00, 0.275, account)
transfer_token("leodex", 287, "SWAP.HIVE", "", account)
transfer_hive("archon-mining", 57, "HIVE", "mining-bump", account)
transfer_hive("steembasicincome", 2, "HIVE", "archon-mining", account)
power_up_hive("archon-gov", 250, account)


(Edited to add more sleep seconds in between each tx)

This is a governance proposal for @archon-gov.

If approved, the code as written above will execute, and cause the following things to happen:

Sell BLURT at 0.01

List to Sell 17 LEO at 2.5

List to Sell 900 ARCHON at 0.275

Convert 287 SWAP.HIVE to HIVE through LEOdex

Send 57 HIVE to increase @archon-mining HIVE pool

Send 2 HIVE to @steembasicincome nominating @archon-mining

Power up 250 HIVE to the @archon-gov account

Mining Pool Increase


The mining pool is currently sitting at 274.753 HIVE and so the 57 hive increase represents more than a 20% increase in the mining pool!

This is as a reminder that ARCHONM miners mine not only ARCHON but compete for HIVE divs each hour!


The way to vote on this proposal is to wait for the comments to appear, and vote on the YES or NO comment with any percentage vote.

The results will be tabulated based on 'GP', a mix of staked ARCHON and ARCHONM holdings are taken into account, and the top 50 by GP are listed everyday in the @archon-mining curation report:


Please vote, also feel free to use this guide to create your own proposals for the archon-gov account.

Archon Governance Layerware can also be activated for your token, read more details here or Contact us in Discord.

And don't forget to give 5% beneficiary to @archon-gov on your posts to be visited by the voting trail! This keeps our tribe growing and strong!

Freedom and Friendship!



Upvote here to support the proposal, any % upvote will trigger 100% GP support.
All rewards from this comment go to the governance fund

Upvoted and all strength to the #archon growth!

I love watching Archon grow!

So do I!! Let's grow our wealth! 😎happy Monday!

Happy Monday to you, too, @chronocryoto! I'm loving my Archon drips! ♥️

I do not understand. Okay, I do not even know what Archon is, but how Archon is going to grow, if you are selling it for Hive?
Because as I see it, this is what this proposal is about.

You can read more about it!

The simple answer is, we are not growing our ARCHON stake with this move, but instead our HIVE stake. You may have noticed the POWER UP of 250 HIVE tokens into HP when you read the post. This account growth should encourage more new users to give 5% beneficiary to @archon-gov on their posts to receive the trail votes. The mining pool also gets a 57 HIVE boost in this proposal.

You may be unaccustomed to having to vote on whether a tribe sells more tokens, but that's how we do it here! 😁

Thank you for the detailed explanation.

This account growth should encourage more new users to give 5% beneficiary to @archon-gov on their posts to receive the trail votes.

This sounds interesting. Can I read more about it? I checked the mentioned post, but I have not found more about it in it. Maybe I just missed it.

If I give 5% (or more) beneficiary to @archon-gov, what will be the upvote value that I will get?

I am willing to give even more beneficiary. Especially if that increase the value of the upvote I receive.

This is a win-win situation.

Do you know similar projects? I am very new in this scene, and I am very interested in it.

Strategic move! I'll add @archon-gov to my beneficiary as soon as I know how.
How can I mine?

Adding a beneficiary to your post works differently depending on which frontend you are using. It is often in advanced settings when you are in the post editor.

I'll manually insert it from advanced settings.I am shifting between 2-3 frontends daily.TY so much, @melinda010100!

@ecosaint please vote on this

Thank you @ecoinstant, for using the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO / SWAP.COCO) on Steem-Engine or on Hive-Engine to reduce your CO2 footprint. You want to join? Buy some COCO / SWAP.COCO and transfer them to CO2Fund's account @co2fund.


Upvote here to STOP the proposal, any % upvote will trigger 100% GP support.
All rewards from this comment go to the governance fund

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 49 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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