Tree-top Climbing🌻😀

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Hello fellow HIVEsters😃

I hope that you are all doing allright, enjoying summer, vacation and life in general...

It is vacation time, for me and my kids, a great time to go out and explore and try new things... The other day, I took my two boys out climbing trees...not just climbing the trees, also trying to complete the obstacle courses in the tree-tops, or between the tree-tops to be more precise....

Starting point at the obstacle course, picture captured with my phone camera..

The pictures are captured at a place called Camp Adventure, when you can pay to climb the trees, and complete the obstacle courses, I think that there are around ten courses, all with different degrees of difficulty. There are some different heights, from around 5 metres to around 25 metres up in the air....Of course you are wearing security belts, tied to a wire, to make sure that you are not able to fall all the way to the ground...

The obstacle courses are getting higher and higher, picture captured with my phone camera..

At first, we were all a bit scared of the heights, but as the day progressed, and we all were feeling a bit more secure, we all felt confident enough to go higher...and at the end of the day, even higher...

I am pretty pround of my boys, the both went to the top, pretty good, considering the they are 10 and 14 years of age...

Some of the higher platforms up in the trees, picture captured with my phone camera..

On the picture above, you can see one of the boys up on one of the platforms....

It was a fantastic day, we all managed to go higher than we thought possible, especially the boys were full of confidence once we had finished.

I can highly recommend people to go and do something like this...At Camp Adventure is was a rather expensive experience, but it was definitely worth the money...

I am already looking forward to our next adventures😀

Well, that was what i wanted to share with you today... Hope that you enjoyed...

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I need a long vacation as soon as possible, with all the months of confinement due to the coronavirus, it is time to go out and enjoy nature and embark on a trip away from home. Congratulations on your vacation.

Thank you very much😀
Yeaah, I think it's about time to get out of "jail", and go out and enjoy what the world has to offer...Hope you will get your vacation soon..

I am not sure that I could do that but it look nice.

Cool kids, great pictures, crossing my fingers that you all had a fantastic day😊