ART :The other way of life.

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Life is itself it's meaning .Everyone live their life in their own way .Even the animals and birds live their life in their own way.
But everyone life is incomplete without art.Art is the other way of life where we draw the pictures of different things to get itself a pleasure .
However art doesnot means drawing and painting at all,it is the another way of life which we see always in our day to day life.Even the season changing ,day and night all these are also art.
But also there are some famous painters who are reknowned by their art .They paints in such a way that all seems to be happening infornt of us .But we cannot touch them else we feel it._20180303_134232.jpg
But there are also some domestic painters who draws perfect then the famous painters but they are hidden somewhere because there is no one who knows them.Such type of painters are called RAW ART .
After all life is all about art and nature .
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