In the Home Stretch...

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I have been on a mission this week to get my @hivebuzz weekly author badge. and boy, it is so much harder then it seems to create content for your page! But I am almost there and I'm pretty proud of myself for posting everyday this week without fail; even when I felt the pressure of crafting a post, or didn't know what the heck to write, I kept going. And now I am in the home stretch! woot! So close but yet still a few more to write...

My family and I have also been on vacation the last couple days celebrating my mother's 70th birthday! And its making it even harder to write a post everyday! Especially tonight...I never drink... and my family, I included, got pretty toasted tonight out at dinner. It was quite a fun time, but now I am at a loss for words on my art, cus my brain is a bit mushy tonight.

So I leave you all with a fun photo of one of my art setup's at a festival a couple years ago.

Good night all and Enjoy your weekend! <3 Many Blessings!



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