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I gravitate towards places that inject funky up cycling and re-purposing into their interior design and exude authenticity. That is my kind of place. Discovering a new cafe that is energising with both good real food and soulful creativity makes my day. This is Flock Espresso & Eats in Lismore, Australia. 

I love everything about this place! The walls adored with such an eclectic mix of art, plants and wall hangings, set against a moody grey is absolutely divine. 

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xx Isabella


I like your creativity, it's very natural. Keep going

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thats what keeps it real, if you keep going to the same generic places all the time it dulls you down so to see a place with its own character makes everyones life a bit brighter
and the generic shops wonder why they are not running well so they copy the originals
so the message is to keep innovating without betraying your own style

This is my dream home though.

Very creative

I think my favourite things to see against grey walls are bright yellows (like the seat in one of your pictures) and copper.

Cafe has nice ambience, the food must be good too.

I think you have a special gift for seeing the fine art around you. Unless you just surround yourself with fine art all the time. :) When you mentioned upcycling, I thought of @gardenofeden, famous their sustainable feasts of rescued food, and it turns out there's a woman there called @everlove who creates "trasHart," as a sustainable creative outlet! And just yesterday I was admiring a cousin of upcycling: "Found Art Sculpting." Here's a good example.

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