Chinese Painting --Withered Lotus

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Someone said that when lotus flowers are blooming, you must see them, when lotus leaves are fade, you need to see them even more. So withered leaves also represents a spirit, tough and tensile, or a broad spiritual connotation only with less charming.

It seems to tell you that mean your life is , meet it and live it; do not shun it and call it hard names. It is not so bad as you are. Life is transient, just like the lotus flower. Cherish your time, love your life, poor as it is. Superfluous wealth can buy superfluities only. Money is not required to buy one necessary of the soul.



Material 所用 工具:
Chinese brushes 毛笔3 只
Xuan Paper (raw rice paper) 生宣纸
Chinese painting color : 中国画颜料
Chinese ink 墨汁

The Process:




6613 (1).jpg


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beautiful thoughts

I agree ..
love it or hate it - that's life
you may not like what it's giving you now
but surely it's only a blessing in disguise
as what looks like a problem could actually be an opportunity in disguise :)

glad to see your reply. yeah, that’s life. We have to face it. ^_^

This is a creative drawing with some artistic art design , the painting of the Withered Lotus looks unique and beautiful @helene

thank you@obest

helene, Good Painting But colors are not prominent
Agreed with me?

Maybe it is.
but what color do you think ?
In Chinese painting, many things (flowers , birds, landscape )can be painted by ink.

helene, Thanks for reply, Colors are your own choice
You should check different combination of colors

Beautiful painting but would not it be more beautiful in different colours?

you mean green leaves?



最近看到好多荷花的画和照片 😄


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Beautiful work!

amazing work!

In antiquated China blooms symbolized feelings. For example, twin lotus blooms on one stalk or two trees with branches interlocked were envisioned to be dedicated couples. The lotus blossom means respectability, and the peony, riches and rank.