My painting: Little Bird Was Singing In The Orchard

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Most of the fruits we do not taste their true flavor , nor to him who raises them for the market. If you would know the flavor of them, ask little bird.

It is obvious that the little bird got up early and ate many fruits in the morning. It is a vulgar error to suppose that you have tasted the fruits who never plucked them.

And we usually taste the flavor of the fruits which is not its original flavor frequently. The ambrosial part of the fruit is lost when it is rubbed off in the market cart, and sometimes they become mere provender .

而我们平时吃的大部分果实不是在运输途中损失了它们的鲜美 就是在不完全成熟时被采摘下来,因此也丧失了它的精华部分,吃起来不过是普通食物而已。

Material 所用 工具:

Chinese brushes 毛笔3 只
Xuan Paper (raw rice paper) 生宣纸
Chinese painting color : 中国画颜料
Chinese ink 墨汁

The Process:





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Really Great Painting...
You are great painter.
You draw like these birds pics are original.

You also explain very well. Keep it up...

simple but good and effective painting, you wrote very well also. Thanks

A very nice drawing. I have very little ability

Greetings, I like your publication, keep it up. Topics like this have to be highlighted. I hope all supporters continue to support, blessings.

What a charming art you do here!!

Well, i make portraits for people, and i would love to make you one! It's totally free!

simply beautiful @helene