Painting on leather!

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I’m halfway through this art that I’m working on and I’m loving it so far. What I’m actually doing is painting on the wheelchair, which has a leather seat.

Back in January, I already bought some leather paint cos I was really planning ahead about this project. I bought from The Leather Cottage, which is a shop from Marikina city - the city known for their good leather products in the Philippines.

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I did the usual process of painting on a leather: deglazing it with acetone and applying the paint. This is not my usual process of painting though. It is very random and I never planned ahead of what I’m actually gonna paint. That act is also a part of my concept.

I’m quite having a hard time with painting since the paint is not as opaque as what I’ve been used to. They require a few layers to get the opacity right and it’s just exhausting and kinda frustrating to do the layers again and again. If it’s just a flat color it would be okay but if there are some blending going on it’s gonna be hard. I’m planning on applying acrylic paint on the top layer for the details but not as much since acrylic is not made for leather and not sure if it’s gonna peel off that easily in the future lol.

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Aside from that, I also ordered a kid mannequin hahaha. It’s just 3ft tall and this is also a part of my work.

What’s funny though is the seller, delivery man, and my dad asked the same thing: “What are you gonna do with a mannequin?”.

The seller thought I was selling clothes online and the delivery man thought this was for a toy. Quite hard to explain this is for art lol. But I think my family slowly understands the fact that I’m gonna use more weird stuff and unusual stuff in the future for art.

I’m sleepy now though so hopefully I can finish it all today lol.


When I saw the title, the first thought that popped into my head was oh God, painting on leather is not easy. I'm not an artist but I know leather and paint and I guessed you need several layers of coat to prepare the leather for painting.

I remember a post of yours from the beginning of the year, when you were looking for a wheelchair for your project. You didn't say what it was but here it is now, revealed.

I think it's a good idea, unique and with a message as well I believe. I guess you're going to paint the kid mannequin as well 🤔

Yeah it’s not easy, it’s a pain in the ass cos the paint doesn’t just stick to a glossy and smooth surface lol. I also tried painting on faux leather bags using acrylic but I don’t know how it is now. The client really wanted me to paint and she was okay with me using acrylic and I coated it with Clear gloss after but I don’t have any update to it. 😂

Yes I will paint the mannequin as well haha but not much unlike the leather on wheelchair.

I have my 👀on you, following the evolution of the artwork, so keep us updated and good luck 😊

Thank you <3

Mannequins are a bit creepy. This one's neck seems odd. But I bet - give it your artist's touch and it will look amazing in no time. Already waiting to see what the wheelchair ends up looking like!

Thanks! Haha I haven't touched the mannequin yet, I will tomorrow and I'm excited :D

Always creating incredible things, hide yourself, the color tones impact me and it intrigues me to see the final result of that great work ..!

It's hard to finish on time when you start to get sleepy .. hahahaha

Haha I'm also excited to finish this one and just stare at it :D Hahaha luckily my sleepiness went away earlier!

Well sometimes it's always difficult to you know explain everything you do when it comes to art. Art sometimes can get very personal and untill you finish the process some people might not be even begin to make meaning not what you're doing.
I've never heard of leather painting it seems quite the painting. Hopefully we'll get to see the end result. Make sure to not exhaust yourself.

Or some may have different interpretations to it which is a lot better! :D
Thank you! I’m taking breaks from time to time hehe!

Oh btw if you actually search leather paint on bags, my post (on Steemit) before comes on top! Hopefully Hive will have the same strong SEO soon :D

Oh I'll definitely check that out on steemit. I believe hive will get to have that SEO soon too. So I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your leather paintings. In fact the finished product of the one you're just starting.

It's been good on my end I just finished making a photo blog on my return to college, been in an out and I'm glad the lockdown is finally going away.

Yeah I can't wait for Hive posts to be on top of google searches. Wow you returned to college? Have to read your post about it. Curious about how it goes with covid thing.

Looks like one of those prehistoric cave paintings.

Oh yaahh haha I see what you mean! :D

Oh painting on leather, that's nice!

It is! But quite hard lol

I think the layering part is the most difficult because the colors have quite a lot of transparency