Ever heard of the 'Japanese Bob Ross ' ?, He was here just a year ago :(

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I'm not the best curator but I do have some experience. I think I've been curating for more than 3 years now. From Steem to Hive I've seen many talented individuals from their respective niches come and go. Sadly, in these past few years most of them already bid their farewells. It's understandable, we people need to take the most efficient path for ourselves.


Today I'm just happy in a news article from CNN that I stumbled upon. One of my favorite content creator is now featured on mainstream media. Although it's been more than a year since his last activity I felt good that I knew of this person existence before today's event. He's already known back then (in the golden days of Steem). If my memory serves me right he got around less than 50k youtube subs around that time. Now he got more than 700k! There's no doubt about the quality of the content he shared with us. It's a pity that he stopped posting his tutorials from youtube. And actually, he's not just cross posting he also took the time to write detailed summary process for some of his works.

Shiba 2.png

Congratulations to Mr. Harumichi Shibasaki !
The Japanese Bob Ross :D
Read it here: https://edition.cnn.com/2020/12/09/asia/shibasaki-japan-youtube-star-spc-intl/index.html
His hive account: https://hive.blog/@shibasaki#

My curation account is @pineapplepen.
Tell me if I upvote someone suspicious ;).
See ya.

Images are not mine.
They are screen shots belonging to CNN and Mr. Shibasaki's Hive blog.