Memory is a bird by @mariandavp

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Summer love doesn't make it through Fall. Unless it wasn't love...

It sounds like an oxymoron, I know. Most people would say it is love that lasts in time, and that crushes crash and burn when the weather gets a bit colder. However I am of a different opinion.

I believe there are two things that last in time, and being in love is not one of them.

(a) A vivid memory of something beautiful

(b) An unsatisfied desire

  • The first was brought upon ourselves by our senses; we saw it, we touched it, maybe we smelled it. It doesn't really matter, what really matters is that we remember how we felt being part of this experience. It may be great, or it may be bad, but sure thing it won't leave us right away. (Since bad experiences leave 1.5x stronger imprint on our brain cells, they are most likely to haunt us not just through fall but through winter and spring lol).

  • The latter... oh you know very well what I am referring to; that feeling that we get from getting really close to fulfilling a desire, a goal, a dream, but in the end failing to do so. This feeling doesn't arise from memory but from our imagination and what we thought it would feel like have we had succeeded in satisfying our desire.

Now, put (b) into (a)... for example, finding out there is something more you think you want while you are in a truly perfect state of mind and right when you are ready to see (b) being materialized the episode ends and you don't know whether there will be another season coming up, or when. The memory of your beautiful experience will always return like a bird and the feeling of disappointment will always crawl like a snake around the legs of that bird.

Could the bird kill the snake?

PS. I created this drawing using colored pilot pens and permanent markers.



Is an usatisfied desire the same as an aim?


Well, he is describing a situation that began as an aim and the desire to fulfill it. In this case, the unsatisfied desire was an aim. But not all unsatisfied desires become an aim, meaning that we may think of someone or something always and feel sad for the fact that we didn't achieve what we wanted but we are not willing to act or do something to change it.

The World Shifts Itself Around Your Aim | Jordan Peterson | Best Life Advice

7min 48sec

I just found out that there is a sequel to You Want It Darker. It made me cry.

Indeed... it gave me the chills. you know it was you who actually made me like his songs so much.

Do you like the chills? If so, please take the time to watch the video in my new post :-) I know it is almost two hours long, but I think it is right center stage in the theatre of your interests :-) (The Case Against Reality | Prof. Donald Hoffman on Conscious Agent Theory)