The truth of our shadow -by @mariandavp

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How difficult is it for you to really express yourself to others? really open up, about how you feel at a certain moment, why you feel that way? Can you do it without the fear of being exposed to judgement? Would it lead to confrontation? Would it put you to a weak spot?

Quoting a line from Jerry Maguire we live in a competitive world . To add something to that; we live in a world full of insecurities. We want -and we need, to learn how to fly in order to survive, but at the same time our wings get chopped off as soon as we learn how to speak.

Even the most brilliant people in the world could be and are muted in modern society, if they don't know the right people, the trend makers of what is right and what is wrong, what is expected and what is unacceptable, what is politically correct and what is not. I am not going to go into the social mechanics that give prominence to those regulators, because that's not the purpose of this post.

What I really want to point out is how important it is for our future that forms of expression like art to come from within us. To remain honest, free of the fear of judgement, free of trends and fashions or short lived aesthetics.

Sad fact is that once an artist decides to go down this road, most likely he won't be able to survive from resources coming from his own art. But if his/her art were to be loved and appreciated, that would mean that he/she is loved and appreciated.

Art remains one of the few paths of expression of our true self and maybe the only non violent revolutionary act against mass control.


I created this painting by drawing the outline of my shadow and then I went on to paint what was in my heart at the time. Although, it doesn't really matter what my aspirations at the time were.

The truth always hides within our shadow. The dark reflection of the space we take by simply existing, and doesn't differ dramatically from our friends', neighbors', or anyone else's. No one ever judges a shadow, right?




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Wow... Love your post. So important to remain true to ourselves.
I make short videos documenting our family life, and the balance is always to be found. How much do I expose of myself? How much do I choose to hide? And how to I best find that balance, to create the best art I can..
Your words also reminded me of Jung, and his investigation into his and humanity's shadow..
If I may offer a quote, "Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”
It is our duty to discover our 'dark' hidden shadow, and bring it into our being in balance.
Thank you for sharing.

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I am a big fan of C. Jung (can't say the same for Freud) so really cool you sensed his influence in my writing. I like the idea of making art through your every day Life... I am of the opinion that reality doesn't have to be what it is today. In fact it could become the most inspirational form of entertainment if the moments you choose to show are talking to the audience's soul instead of instinct. How much you show... I guess it is up to the artist (you) to decide. The aesthetics are yours and these aesthetics you owe to communicate.

Is that lone house with the blue roof where you are / want to be? Really beautiful and interesting painting 💭

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I guess it is more where I want to go... , Higher to the sky, closer to the light 🙂 thank you very much for your comment

Every year that I grow older (now over 70) I become freer. That's the best part of growing old to me.

That's great, I find that this is true personality development that goes hand in hand with ageing well!

It is indeed so dificult to stay true in such a fake world. I like the painting and i find the idea with the shadow really unique:) If you like you can start using the #creativecoin tag at your posts and you will receive CCC tokens along with Steem. CCC is a token designed for artists, photographers and creative people in general.

Thank you for your kind response @georgeboya and for the heads up on #creativecoin. That's a really nice idea...

It is a nice idea indeed:) I remember your paintings when i signed up back at 2017, since then i took a break, you took a break but its good to see you back:)

Well, at some point I felt I had nothing interesting to say ... in due course inspiration comes, you create and you want to share. It's good to be back and I am glad to find interesting people like you and other creative steemers to talk to!

Yes i can relate to this.. sometimes you run out of inspiration. Good to see you back and looking forward to great art and interesting conversations:)

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