Jon Snow Drawing (Game Of Thrones)

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Hello Stemians, after 8 years Game of Thrones has come to an end, and today I bring you a picture of Jon Snow (Aegon Targaryen ) that I made a few days ago.

Hola Stemians, después de 8 años Game of Thrones ha llegado a su fin, y el día de hoy les traigo un dibujo de Jon Snow (Aegon Targaryen) que realicé hace algunos días atrás.


Made with HB N°2 pencil and black color (Norma).

Hecho con Lapiz HB N°2 y color Negro marca Norma.

Sketch banner.png




For this end, the Stark house is definitely the leading family, which after many misfortunes and misadventures, its members manage to claim and honor their surname again:

  1. Bran Stark: King of the Six Kingdoms

  2. Sansa Stark: Queen of the North

  3. Arya Stark: Explorer beyond Westeros

  4. Jon Snow (Stark): Lord Commander of the Night's Watch

Para este final, definitivamente los Stark es la familia líder, que después de muchos infortunios y desventuras sus miembros logran reivindicar y hacer honor de nuevo a su apellido:

  1. Bran Stark: Rey de los Seis Reinos
  2. Sansa Stark: Reina del Norte
  3. Arya Stark: Exploradora más allá del oeste de Westeros
  4. Jon Snow (Stark): Lord Commander de la Guardia de la Noche

A wonderful master piece that comes to its outcome, however fans are aware that the next few years will have more of Song of Ice and Fire universe with the remaining books by George R.R Martin and the Spin Off of the tv show.

Miguel Fiori.

Una maravillosa obra de arte que llega a su desenlace, sin embargo los fans estamos conscientes que los próximos años tendremos más de Canción de Hielo y Fuego con los libros restantes de George R.R Martin y los Spin Off de la serie.

Miguel Fiori.




banner 1.png


Nice sketch of Jon Snow, @miguelfiori :) Did you like the ending of Game of Thrones? The House of Stark definitely won at the end, but I think it was a little too candy-tasting like of an ending for me.... I didn't mind it, though, just felt a bit soft.

At least we saw Ghosty again! :D :D :D

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It seems like a Manga style. I like it.

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