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RE: NFT Showroom and Crypto Twerpz collab / Claim your free Alien Artist collectible card on the wax blockchain!

in #art2 years ago

Thank You for all your support to all artists involved in this project!
You'll see is a pretty unique collection made for fun, where every artist chose the character they wanted to portrait, and everyone came with so much different styles and ideas to put all that together under the same umbrella. We are making all this with all the love as artists and as collectors so we hope you'll enjoy what we are doing.
And for those of you that like to collect cards, just like we ourselves, these Crypo Twerpz will raise the bar to the upcoming projects, so we are hoping we will have better projects to follow and better cards to collect, with art from people like you and me to keep this world as much as decentralized as we can. Hope you like it.
I can't wait for the launch day.