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Montreal is a beautiful city with superb art on the streets.
If you find in which neighborhood these photos were taken, I will resteem one of your posts ... the one of your choice.

Montréal est une belle ville où l'on trouve de superbes œuvres d’art dans les rues.
Si vous me dîtes le quartier où ces photos ont été prises, et je vais resteem un de vos posts… celui de votre choix.




Crédit photo : Rachel Caron


amazing art and painting
thanks for sharing

Thanks to upvote. I follow you... so thanks to follow me

Sorry, don't recognize the buildings or the murals. I'd have to guess somewhere in the area around Berri / St.Laurent above or below Sherbrooke.

OMG! Do you live in Montreal?? St.Laurent you're right. So what post do you want me resteem?
Thanks to upvote. I follow you... so thanks to follow me.

Yep, I'm a Montrealer. Born and raised here, and I used to live on Milton just off St.Urbain, so I kind of know the area.... I am not sure I should qualify considering all that, but if you still want to resteem, I only have one post currently active: https://steemit.com/women/@ajdohmen/neither-a-cougar-nor-a-woman-on-the-prowl-just-a-woman-who-chose-not-to-marry-or-have-children

I'm planning on doing a post on the Unbroue brewery, but it's not ready yet. Keep up the good work promoting our province's beautiful things!

Of course you are qualified. My goal was to see if there are people who live in my city.
As promised I resteem your post. And as I saw it was a nice thoughtful and well written article
I promoted it. Keep up to share your thoughts.

Beautiful places. This is how street art should look like.

Totally agree.
I follow you... Thanks to upvote and follow me.

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