NFT Showroom updates // New look // Unlockables // Referral system

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We've had a very exciting week! There was a presentation at the weekly WIP cryptovoxels event to talk about what we're up to and explain the hive eco-system. We also had an update to the look of the site that has been long awaited! There are still a few corners to polish but things are looking wonderful already! Thank you to @crimsonclad and @reazuliqbal for all their work!

Unlockables are now live!

We also added a new feature that's called unlockables, this has been highly requested! Unlockables allow you to add additional files and goodies that only your buyers can access. This could be higher res files or supplementary art :)

There are two types, and for each piece of art you can choose one or the other. This can be done after you mint when visiting your collection page. It can also be added to an already minted piece, you will need to delist, add the unlockable and relist for sale!

A small lock icon will now appear by the art description, please describe what is in the unlockable for your buyers.


You can directly upload JPEG, PNG, GIF, MP4 or PDF

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This one is more risky, we can not enforce what kind of link gets added here or if a link is even added at all. This is a case of KYA (KNOW YOUR ARTIST!)

If the artist wants to include a self hosted link (dropbox, etc.) that exceeds 100 MB, a file type not listed above such as a .vox, or a youtube link to an unlisted youtube video for example they can use this option.

Again, this is highly requested but buyer beware, we can not be responsible for what is linked here so KNOW YOUR ARTIST

Screen Shot 20200904 at 2.37.19 PM.png

Referral system

We have thought long and hard about this one and have designed a referral system that takes nothing from the artists pocket!

How it works: if you refer someone and they login using your referral link for the first time, you will get a bonus directly sent to your wallet for each piece of art they tokenize. This bonus comes directly from the minting fees. The referred artist will pay the same fee as always and we are giving up a portion of that to the referrer as a thank you!

We hope this encourages artists to onboard more quality artists!


Screen Shot 2021-03-27 at 5.42.52 PM.png

Please visit your personal referral page to get your unique link and track your referrals. and replacing username with your hive account name!

That's about it for current updates but expect to see some more small UI changes coming as we work on the look and intuitiveness of the site. Thank you to all the amazing artist and collectors who have joined so far!

Visit the site and browse art:

You can follow us on Twitter:
or Instagram:

For any questions or support please visit us in discord NFT Showroom discord



Woah. I'm going to have to update my files to include PDFs.


Unlockables is a cool feature, I have an additional idea, because there are already two images uploaded, I would suggest making the larger / high-res image available only when a user has bought the token or maybe watermark the high-res image before being purchased. Similar how other stock photo sites are handling this.

Personally I have no desire to watermark my art but each individual artist can choose to do it that way if they prefer using the unlockable system :) Just watermark your visible image and add the high res/ unwatermarked version in the file download

It’s really exciting to witness NFTShowroom attracting dozens of artists to Hive. Thanks for all the time and energy put into this!

Awesome updates and a great interview yesterday! Really looking forward to seeing this develop and grow! Many thanks for the opportunity provided here! =)

WoW, esto es muy interesante. Cada vez me emociono mucho más cuando veo actualizaciones así 😁💙

very nice!

I'm pretty stoked about the growth we've had so far!

I just used the unlockable for the first time, I love it!! Sooooo easy to use!

any chance you can go over it? i'm not 100% clear...

I think it will be pretty clear when you see it on the site, after you tokenize, go to collection click on the art, underneath you will have the ability to choose to upload a file or add a link, it's super easy!

and then i communicate to the buyer that this extra panel/field will be visible to them for downloading? thanks, i had already looked at it, but didn't know how it appeared to the buyer.

Fo now I would suggest writing in the description that there is an unlockable attached and describe what it is unless it's a surprise

amazing updates!
The unlocking feature is greaat, not sure how to use it yet, i'd love to see a tutorial...but this looks to be exactly what i need for the treasure hunt i'm building...any idea when the lock icon will be added?
Amazing referral system too! wow, so much progress. great job to all!

Awesome update! Great UI and really friendly user experience .. keep it up <3

The unlockables is an awesome addition. I might have missed that last night but it’s a perfect way for me to add the link of the package file for my song that I tokenized! Might have to fix it later today!

If you delist it for sale you will see the option to add on the collection page, then you can relist, have fun!

Yeah I got it figured out! Love the platform! Do you guys have plans to offer support for the hive-engine tokens to be used as currencies?

We've talked about it, but don't want to overcomplicate things too much if possible, I would be down for it if it was very easy to use and seamless.

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Wonderful ... I was wondering about a referral process ... I know artists frustrated with gas fees that I've been referring to NFT Showroom, so it is nice to have a bit of an incentive built into that!

I'm definitely checking this out tonight when I have more time to really look at it. Sounds like an good opputunity.

I want to do this but I wish there was hivesigner support.

We also have the option to use smart lock to login if you don't have keychain. We have found many users experience problems with hive signer so we likely won't be adding that as an option.

Is this referral option still around? Sounds pretty sweet to me :<)