My Paintings Inspired by Herons in Myanmar -我的绘画灵感来自缅甸的苍鹭

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Hello everyone! Sharing with you all a few paintings of the Great-billed Heron that were inspired by my time spent traveling in the outlying regions around Yangon, Myanmar, along with some of my travel photos from within Yangon itself. 

大家好! 这里有我在缅甸一些幅画作以及我的灵感来自大嘴鹭的照片. 也有其他缅甸的照片.

I was there for two weeks to observe the wildlife and to tour Yangon's art galleries. Myanmar is surprisingly untouched. It hasn't been highly urbanized and it was wonderful to see. The borders haven't been opened to tourists for very long.

我在那里两个星期,去看野生动物和参观一个画廊. 缅甸没有现代化的城市, 非常美丽. 缅甸最近才向游客开放.

The photos were taken with the Canon EOS Rebel SL1 with 75-300mm lens, and the paintings were done on traditional Chinese rice paper with traditional Chinese Watercolors and Chinese ink. I will do a post soon describing the process of painting on Chinese rice paper, as it's very interesting, delicate work.

这些照片是用 Canon EOS Rebel SL1 with 75-300mm lens,这些照片是用传统中国水彩画和中国墨水在传统中国宣纸上完成的. 我想尽快写一篇文章来描述中国宣纸的绘画过程.

Here are a few gems from my explorations around Yangon:


I was fortunate to connect with a local Yangon oil painting artist who brought me around the city to various galleries. Her father was a well known Burmese sculpture artist and hearing the stories of their lives was fascinating. 

这是我在Yangon到的一位正在制作传统油画的艺术家. 她的父亲是一位着名的雕塑家, 他们的生活故事好有趣.

Thanks for stopping by :-)




Badass! I love the painting :)

Love all the photos a lot. Your paintings are very meaningful depicting the reality of life and love. The aerial view is also really amazing! Thanks for taking us to Myanmar thru your Steemit blog! 😊

Thanks and you're welcome :-)

Very nice pictures @nissakauppila, the paintings look great, It must be pretty hard to control the flow of the water colors on the rice paper I would think, amazing how much detail can be put into the birds. I found your post courtesy of @youhavewings dropping a link in the hive chat room.

Thank you :-) I want to do some posts of my process in the future. Also thanks @youhavewings! By the way, what is the hive chat room?

The Hive chat room is a discord chat room where we have a room curation trail. We have a place for us to promote ourselves, and a place to promote content that we find to be of good quality, like your post here. @jan23com is the room owner and he keeps the room pretty clean, so there are not a lot of places for people to drop links, just pretty much the two places. He will pick 3 member post for us to go and vote on, then he will send the rooms curation bot to vote, so he lets us get a heads up on what post will be voted up. Right now we are still a very young group, but are growing, and some very nice people in there to chat with from all over the world.

Cool thanks, I haven't gotten on Discord yet but it's on my to-do list :-)

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