Everyday live photography.. (2pics)

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Nature vision #19.. Cliff view.. @ mirado curaçao..
This is just a preview more pictures on the way..
That view though..
An amazing site, just looks so calm and peaceful.
I like this one a lot!!
Thought I would share it with you guys..
Hope you guys like it..




Nice photos rny. I was looking at your photos and some are very good. May I make a helpful suggestion photographer to photographer? Your work would really go to the next level if you chose one element in the image to focus on. My eye wonders the image. You are in charge. Lead me the viewer where to look. Using focus and color. I Hope this helps. @zeitlini

Tnx so much for your suggestion i will take this in consideration for the next time..
Right now I'm not really using a camera just taking photos with my smartphone but, i will try this out on my phone to see if it works out..
keep in touch..

Your welcome. You too rny.