Everyday live photography..(4pics)

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Otrobanda city!! part 1 of 3..
Otrobanda is part of the city of Willemstad curaçao as you can see it is filled with amazing street art.
In this installment of curaçao street art I made some shots of an abandoned building & its backyard, a local artist transformed this old abandoned building and it's surroundings into a complete work of art with murals all over.
Just an amazing site and I applaud the local artist that made this possible..
I decided to split this installment of street art into 4 parts, a preview, 2 parts filled with photographs & a collage..
Hope you guys like it..
It's gonna be LIT!!






Wow super colorful photos man!

Tnx @lordwinter..
I got more pics like this on my blog if your interested & more on the way so keep in touch..