Everyday live photography.. (5pics)

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Otrobanda city!! Part 2 of 3..
IPhone in one hand dominos in the other.. What you know about that?
This is the second part of curaçao street art photography @ Otrobanda, and as I promised In the first part it will be filled with more amazing photographs of the abandoned building & its backyard that a local artist transformed into a complete work of art!!
I called this one iPhone in one hand and dominos in the other, because if you look closely to the main photography you can see a guy with his head down holding his iPhone in one hand dominos in the other hand, very creative..
Hope you guys like it..
Just a reminder, the third & final part will be the collage so stay tuned..
It's gonna be LIT!!

IPhone in one hand dominos in the other..






This art is amazing and your pictures render it well. You just made me craving for pizza.
I am going to resteem this, deserves to be seen.

tnx so much.. i appreciate that your so supportive..
did you see the other parts already?
if you did let me know what you think about them if you have the chens..
tnx so much ones again @astralaglae.. blessings!!

Yeah I did see the other parts, I thought it was good work. No worries. I think it is important to make a notice of the quality work out there, that is what Steemit should be about.

OK I understand, your right..
I agree, that's how it should be..