Live photography.. Magnificent!! (5pics)

in #art5 years ago

First I want 2 thank everybody all my followers here on steemit for the support..
I took these pictures especially 4 u guys..
This Footage is from Caracasbaai @ mirado, just an amazing sight..
I was enjoying the view myself and taking pictures at the same time it was awesome..
I luv how these pictures came out hope you guys do as well..
I got more on the way, stay tuned it's gonna be lit!!







some of the good photography. River banks area are qite good for walking and spending free time

Thanks a lot pkb..
It's not a riverbank though, but a beach & a bay..
There are no rivers or lakes on this island..

Absolute agreed with you @pkb , very beautiful picture and the landscape is a sight to behold...

Tnx Joetunex..

You are welcome @rny keep the lovely posts coming

Will do!

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